Are You Prepared For Hard Work?

8Mark Crosby puts out a challenge to all those building an online business.

What are you doing to build up your online presence?

What is your plan for putting out tomorrows daily content?

What article do you have in mind to post in your press release, blog and/or web site?

Whereabouts are you in the AWN training and how much have you implemented?

What time tomorrow are you putting into practice what you learned today in AWN?

What can you actually tell me about the AWN training?

How is the PLS “Endless Free Leads” training going for you?

Where are you in our Jack and Rank training course which we GIVE TO YOU FOR FREE AND TOOK 18 MONTHS TO CREATE!!!!!


Why aren’t you getting leads?

Why aren’t you getting sales and signups??


If you’re not getting results YOU’RE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH!

You’re not consistent enough!

Show me ten Jack and Rank style videos you’ve done in the last 3 weeks, or show me ten press releases that are linked to blogs posts to help rank them in search engine ranking from the last 3 weeks.


No really….. show me you’re actually getting off your ass. If you want some proper support like you’ve never had it, show me you’re head and shoulders above all the lazy ass folks around you!

Because guess what?

In this game, when you have the tools, resources and training WE ALL have around here…


Not talent, skill or natural ability….. HARD DAMN WORK!

And as much of a positive person I am….

I’m getting sick of people complaining about their shit results with their shit work ethic!

Do you want this or not?

“half arsed” doesn’t cut it around here

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