Bitcoin Keeps Rising

and it doesn’t seem to stop!
It takes a breather for a day or two
then continues on its merry way to the
Is it irrational exuberance?
And as it rises, so does the
daily amount that hits our
wallets through bitcoin mining!
That’s the beauty of mining.
You’re not getting the same
amount of $$ every day like
other “online businesses” out there..
You’re daily amount fluctuates
based on the value of bitcoin (BTC).
And BTC is going to reach $100k
one day, which means your
decision to start mining the worlds
most powerful cryptocurrency….
Will become more and more
profitable as time goes by.
BTC is based on technology
that even the biggest skeptics
agree is here to stay forever.
Just like we moved over from
real Gold to paper receipts
as currency in the 1600s…
Humanity has now found a
better, fairer and safer currency.
One not controlled by a 3rd
party in which we’ve no idea
of their real intentions.
One not controlled by banks
decreasing our purchasing
power, calling it inflation.
Bitcoin ….. is
very attractive to use when
researched properly.
That’s why more and more
people are discovering it, thus
increasing the general value.
So let’s be smart and start
getting it daily before these
mining contracts are
completely sold out!???????
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