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Blueprint for the $500 day system

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Exitus Elite Blueprint

There are two things you need to make a successful business online:

One: A solid business.

Two: The discipline to stick to it; to grind it out; to not stop when the going gets tough.

That is all you need. I am happy to say that the iMarketLive sales system provides the first part of the equation. It is all there – products, compensation plan, longevity, status, quality, potential, marketing system, residual commission, 100 percent commission. It really is all you need.

Part two of the equation is up to you (and me!!!). You have to commit yourself to six months at least to make this work. If it is not self sustaining after 6 months then I am happy for you to go look elsewhere. But you have to stay the course – grind it out – never give up – be confident in the system that has been presented to you. You have to do your part which is follow the basic marketing steps and NEVER SURRENDER!

Blueprint to the PERFECT Home BUSINESS

best home businessThe Blueprint for success in this business is:

  1. Join the Yellow Brick Road System- here
  2. Join the Yellow Brick Road and Facebook page.
  3. Commit to daily, massive action, following the strategy of the team. Be coached so you can coach; be mentored so you can mentor.
  4. Follow the additional paid marketing strategies – engagement ads,  solo ads etc. (LeasedAdSpace, MPCA)
  5. Teach your customers how to do the same.





Two Incredible Business Opportunities

One Incredible Marketing System – Yellow Brick Road – hosted on PLS

Blueprint to the Perfect Home Business:

  1. Get started with Automated Wealth Network for $20: here
  2. Get started with Power Lead System on the 7 day free trial: here
  3. Learn all you can from the basic AWN courses and from the Power Lead System Training site. Learn and learn some more. Get committed, generate a burning desire to succeed. Understand the ‘why’ – what drives you – is it freedom, is to get out of the 9 to 5, is it financial pressure?
  4. Develop your approach – YouTube, blog, social media, offline marketing
  5. Resolve to get committed and invest $200 per month to making this work – ($74 for AWN and PLS, $126 for marketing)
  6. Buy traffic from Udimi – 100 clicks for $50 – From 200 clicks you can expect 3 to 4 paid customers. Buy more traffic. Buy even more traffic.
  7. With 4 sales (4 x AWN plus 4 x PLS) you will be generating $80 a month  (all fixed costs covered) With 10 sales (AWN:$100 plus PLS:$100) you will have a self sustaining business covering costs of product plus marketing.
  8. Scale up and slam traffic the Rob Fraser way!


This is a natural evolution of Yellow Brick Road to Leaders League 360 to Leaders League Prime – concentrated effort – maximum results.



Objective 1: Build an awesome Power Lead System Business with monthly residual income in excess of $5,000.

Objective 2: Build an awesome  Automated Wealth Network and Beonpush business with monthly income in excess of $5,000.

Five Steps to Massive Success

1. Check out the Leaders League 360 Overview Video

2. Start the Free 7 Day Trial with Power Lead System  – for 7 days you can get started and see for yourself how powerful PLS is – then $13 a week.

3. Sign up for Free Account at Traffic Monsoon

4. Get your Beonpush Account – one-time $20

5. Start with Automated Wealth Network – one-time $7

Essential Components:

  • quality product – Power Lead System -> Automated Wealth Network
  • traffic – Traffic Monsoon and a range of free and paid traffic options covered in the training
  • seed money to  fund advanced marketing – Beonpush
  • marketing system – Yellow Brick Road and Leaders League 360 – on the Power Lead System
  • sales funnel – Leaders League 360 or Yellow Brick Road – on the Power Lead System

Cost of Business:

  • Leaders League 360 – $0 – Yep, it’s a free marketing system where Mark and Steve and all the other guys do all the selling for you!
  • Traffic Monsoon  – sign up, approach with caution
  • Beonpush –  crazy new Real Time Bidding advertising platform that pays a revenue share – $20 to earn $30
  • Automated Wealth Network – $7
  • Power Lead System – $13 a week
  • Recommended – invest $50 a week in paid advertising – this really works and is my preferred approach – all you do is send traffic to your LL360 capture page. It will build your contact list very quickly, and you will make sales.
  • There will be upgrades along the way, but they will covered by the revenue earned

After you have your marketing system all set up, you need to follow these steps:

Step One – Get Beonpush Cranking

Step Two – Program Funded Buyer Traffic Through Solo Ads

Step Three – Scale Up and expand the streams of Income

Step Four –  Scale Up some more

Step Five – Build a Business, Sensible and Strategic

Follow the strategies and techniques described in the back office of Yellow Brick Road method. With persistence, you will be overwhelmed and amazed at how this thing grows exponentially.


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