Day One Exitus Elite

exitus elite day one

I have finally bitten the bullet, and after months of due diligence, and annoying my mentor Jason Hull with heaps of questions, I took the plunge, and invested in the Exitus Elite business.

I am so excited – the team support is quite amazing – from Shadow Commission Project, to Michael Angel Martin to Jason’s team, there are so many resources and opportunities to learn how to do this. To succeed in any home based business you need to commit to the long term. This is my 2017 plan. Success or bust!

My Why

I am desperate to get out of my stuck-in-the-rut well paid highly stressful job, and get some balance and freedom in my life. I am a philanthropist at heart, and seek to use finance to bless others. (I need to sort out some smothering personal debt issues first, in order for me to be able to use money better for a range of causes.)

Why Exitus Elite

Exitus is a simple system, mid priced, single product, single purchase – does not require any monthly commitment. The product for sale is high quality and offers great value. Payments are made direct to the member, and the technology support is very good.


I will follow the strategies if Team Angel Martin, and Jason Hull. There are some really cool free methods through Facebook that doesn’t involve spam. There is also some paid strategies that I will get to as the business progresses.

I will provide value to my contacts, and learn from many newer rags to riches marketers.

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