Does FutureNet Work?

does futurenet workDoes FutureNet work? This brand new social media platform is getting a lot of people talking. Well, it is brand new to me – it was started two and a half years ago in Poland, and has built up a steady online advertising business, and is now expanding to the English speaking world.

Below are some comments by Rob Fraser on how he has earned quite quickly.

Rob explains that is just like Facebook. Only you can get paid to post and to comment, and participate.

Ground floor on Facebook? Interested?

You buy Media Points for $10, $25 etc. And with those media points you purchase products from FutureNet.

And each of those purchases qualify you for a position in a forced 3 x 10 matrix, where you earn 5% on each spot on each level. The earning capacity is amazing. Check out Rob’s other video below:

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