Does Power Lead System Really Work?


It is a common question that comes up – does Power Lead System really work. Is it all it is cracked up to be? Does it provide a quality product for the monthly cost? I was having an email conversation about this recently with someone, mainly about the autoresponder aspect of PLS and how the Yellow Brick Road uses the Power Lead System:


The autoresponder is needed to send out more detailed information every couple of days to prospective customers to answer any queries they have and encourage them to purchase the product (PLS).


In this case the autoresponder is both the product and the technology that enables the delivery of the message.  I think there are 18 messages programmed to go out over 2 months. This is to remind the reader of the great offer, explain some more details and encourage them to join PLS ($54 a month). We need to follow up until they become a paying customer. Most people take a bit of time to think about the offer, to do some research, and usually it takes 7 or 8 contacts before a decision is made. Signup in capture page is only step one. That is why you see repeat advertisements on tv, and as far as email marketing goes, we are all on so many ‘lists’ we get sick of hearing about so many great offers all the time. But that is how it is done. And we have a great offer which is Power Lead System.

 7 Day trial

As far as the 7 day trial goes – this gives you an opportunity to ‘look under the hood’ and see the fantastic technology available to you and how it works. Mark and Steve have done a brave and unique thing – provided the Share Code. Once you follow the instructions and apply the share code you will see how powerful the technology is. I registered a domain and now everything that Mark and Steve has built is now coded to me. For example Sales Page 4 is  or capture page M is here

 Share code

There are a number of marketing groups TM into PLS (Frank Calabro, Rob Fraser etc) – none of them provide the Share Code up front – you need to be a paid up member to get their code. So that is why I say it is brave.

 Monthly subscription

The cost of $54 a month is a hit – I get that – not available to everyone. And it is something you can work towards. I think of it as $14 a week – yeah, I can stretch for that. It will take some successful marketing to get to the 5 completed sales to cover that cost  – but it is doable – remembering that it is Steve and Mark that do all the explaining and selling. Some persistence is required, it wont happen overnight.


I do not recommend spending a dime on Traffic Monsoon. For reasons I think you can work out. But if there is the possibility of buying targeted leads through solo ads at $50 a pop, then I recommend that over risking money in TM. ( I hope TM works itself out – I got a bit of $$ locked up inside.) See my post

 Progress so far

I have built my list of potential buyers to 85 in 3 weeks, and had a couple of signups so far. Wow, that is amazing! I am only just getting started and working out which traffic source I am most comfortable. I use free methods (classified ads, YouTube, Pinterest and my blog) and I have done 2 solo ads.
To me the YBR is a brilliant marketing system for 3 solid companies: PLS, then 4Corners and Automated Wealth Network. PLS is the cornerstone with an amazing product and compensation plan. Power Lead System is a 17 year old company with established, successful and lucrative business model.


I am happy to share with you some ideas and resources i have for free marketing, and of course offer any support I can. Happy to keep discussing. Ultimately there is no rush – you can only be ready when you are ready. For me, I am motivated by significant financial pressures, so it is a no-turning back scenario.
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