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EMP VIP LogoWhat is the benefit of going VIP with Elite Marketing Pro?

This question comes up quite often in the Mastermind communities. Many of you have asked for stories and results of those that are currently VIP or above.

This blog post is dedicated to answer many of those questions and providing resources exclusively for our VIP members of Elite Marketing Pro.

Mental Mindset of VIP

One of the biggest value wins with Elite Marketing Pro VIP is the Leader Library.

Elite Marketing Pro is where you go to learn how to create a marketing funnel. I consider Elite Marketing Pro to be an Online Marketing University.

Many of the products and books on the market today fail to actually teach and mentor you through the process of creating a marketing funnel. This is what Elite Marketing Pro excels at.

They teach, train, mentor, and support you in the development of your marketing funnel. No matter what company or business you are in, the creation of your marketing funnel is the heart of your business.

What I love about Elite Marketing Pro is that they are teaching you to create this marketing funnel in baby steps. They give you products that people want, and your first baby step is on learning how to find your target market.

From that point, getting ‘traffic’ to the offer becomes easy. We call it ‘message to market match’. Does the product fill a need that the targeted niche/avatar is looking for?

One of the best resources to continue this education is the *Ultimate Sales Funnel.


It’s the backbone of everything you will ever need to know about building your business online. This product is found in your myelitehub.com under the product tab.

All resources that are mentioned as part of the Leader Library are the products you have under your, “My Products” tab found in your back office of myelitehub.com.

Training Resources For VIP

Once you understand the importance of creating your avatar and choosing your niche, the next baby step is your marketing strategy.

You can only focus on one. You goal is to get really good at driving traffic to an offer using only one method until mastered. (Average mastery is 3-6 months, but it may take up to 12 months)

So what gets you excited?

The list goes on and on because every year they add new social media platforms. Every year something changes on a platform. If you want to become the go to person on a platform, better to focus on one.

By choosing one, you begin the journey that we all go through. Learn, Apply, Teach.

Inside your Elite Marketing Pro Leader Library there are many resources on almost all of these platforms. Not all, but most. If we don’t have training on that platform… We are just looking for someone in our community to become the expert on it. This is why Ferny and I monitor the communities and the leader boards.

We are on the look out for our next leaders and speakers.

Video Resources:

Highly recommend the Intermediate Video training under the my traffic tab in myelitehub. A walk through in the process of creating a video and some great SEO training.

In your Leader Library:

  • YouTube Traffic Blueprint
  • YouTube Traffic Code
  • What’s Working Now – Search YouTube & Video Training

Blogging Resources:

Highly recommend the Intermediate Blogging training under the my traffic tab in myelitehub.

In your Leader Library:

  • 10 Minute Blog Blueprint
  • Pro Blog Academy
  • Branded Traffic Formula
  • What’s Working Now – Search Ty Tribble and Blogging

Building Your Network Marketing:

In your Leader Library:

  • Attraction Marketing Formula (read at least 3 times)
  • Recruit with Words
  • Copywriters Guild
  • Choose a marketing strategy… i.e. blogging, video, Facebook ads…

Incredible Bonus

Did you know that you can co-brand with Attraction Marketing Formula?

One of the biggest secrets that is only available with VIP is the About Me section.

Go to myelitehub.com —> My Account —> About Me

By filling out this information, you co-brand yourself with Attraction Marketing Formula. Your bio and picture will appear on the Attraction Marketing Formula e-book. What a great way to show leadership!

So if you are a network marketer and want to know how to use Attraction Marketing Formula to build your business… This is a very powerful tool!

Continual VIP Training

It doesn’t stop there…

Every month we have VIP exclusive training. Pulling back the curtains on what is working by our top affiliates and our leadership team.

Plus you now have a VIP only training section under the My Traffic tab in your back office.

The value that comes with VIP is incredible. It is a resource that you will refer back to for years.

I know that I am constantly going back into the Leader Library and What’s Working Now to learn something new.

Marketing is a life long process and if your goal is to build a business and retire from your job, then investing in your education is key. The cost of VIP is significantly less than the cost of going back to university.

Elite Marketing Pro is your one stop complete marketing training. We didn’t even touch on the 100% commissions or two general admission tickets to our live No Excuses Summit event.

We didn’t even mention the 3 bonus VIP coaching calls with our Elite Ignition Coaches. We didn’t even mention the done for you marketing funnels and your own Blog and Capture Page builder.

You can access your complete blog and capture page system under…

My Offers —> My Marketing System —> Click on Set Up Your Blog & Capture Page System.

Your Success Is Our Passion

The leadership team wants to create more success stories. We want to highlight you and have you share your story.

We are on the lookout for our future leaders and speakers, are you the next leader? Are you our next speaker at No Excuses Summit?

Are you ready to write your future? Are you ready to create the income that will replace your job?

Then your next step is VIP. To get started, get back in touch with your coach and let them know you are ready to go VIP. We do offer a payment plan.

VIP Success Stories

We really do want to highlight your success! From blog posts to member spotlight!

You will find our Member Spotlight under your My Traffic tab.

  • Learn how Rebecca made $10,000 in less than 60 days. She reveals her biggest secrets.
  • Learn how Tyson made over $250,000 with Elite Marketing Pro. He reveals exactly how he did it.
  • More to come… will it be you?

Get featured on our Elite Marketing Pro blog!

  • Sonny Lanorias shares his secrets on how he create $10,000 in just 60 days. See how he did it!
  • Danielle Sweet Ellis shares how her imperfect action and the education she got with Elite Marketing Pro helped her create her new $5,000 a month income. See how she did it!
  • Kate McShea shares how she built her 6-figure business with video marketing. See how she did it!
  • Dr. Bob Clarke share how he built his business with just an hour a day. See how he did it!
  • Misha Wilson reveals how he got his traffic to pay for itself. See how he did it!

We want to feature you. We are on the look out for our next success story. Will it be you?

Success is a journey and Elite Marketing Pro is your guide.

If you have further questions about VIP, please get with your coach.

Also please feel free to contact me at chef@elitemarketingpro.com

-Your Elite Marketing Pro Leadership Team

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