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How Would You Like a Hand to Get Those First Two Sales?

I have a massive interest in you getting your first sale – its pretty clear why – I get the $1300 passed up commission, and you get ‘qualified’ to receive 100% commissions for all future sales you make. Once qualified it is time to roll up your sleeves and start making some dough. But I am also very keen on you getting your second sale.

Imagine……. Ca…Ching…. $1300 gets deposited in your PayPal account a couple of days after you nervously invested $1600 to get this business started.

Wow – this thing really works, and I have virtually recouped my starting cost!

This second sale is so important – to prove to yourself that it works, recoup your initial outlay (or most of it) and be an encouragement to the people who come on to your team. Once you know it works you will stick around and help that second sale (your first payline) get their first and second sale!

Team Rotator Strategy

In our team we have a a super strategy to help you get your first two sales – I put all new team members into my own personal rotator – so that your link is getting a portion of my traffic until you get your first two sales. So if I have 2 people I am working with, I will put those two affiliate links in the rotator so that each of us get about a third of all the traffic.  If I am undertaking a paid campaign, you get a third of that traffic*.

Hopefully that will get your first and second sale quickly, and when you do, you will drop out of my rotator and set your own up for your group.

My Campaign to gettingitbackontrack.com

  • Me – 33% of the traffic

  • Team Mate 1 – 33% of the traffic

  • Team Mate 2 – 33% of the traffic

I am so keen to help you get your first two sales – but you have also got to help yourself. To show you are committed, you need to get stuck in to the Shadow Commission Project back office marketing strategies and TAKE ACTION. It can be done with free marketing on Facebook. For example you could post everyday on Facebook and report on how you or other people are doing in Exitus Elite . You may link to your own affiliate link or to the rotator – it doesn’t matter, the sooner you get that sale the better!

It is such a simple strategy and does not cost anything. You will be doing the marketing anyway  – you may as well help your buddy get their first sale to pass up to you and qualify, and then that second sale to ‘seal the deal’, recoup the outlay which you are most likely to spend on traffic options.  How cool is that!

There are a number of marketing strategies available through Shadow Commission Project – both free and paid – that will get you rolling in your business. But it takes one important element – ACTION!! It wont happen by itself.

So, SINK YOUR TEETH in to this!! And get started!

Ultimately this business will not be built for you – you have to take responsibility yourself – but there are so many tools that you can tap into  – such as the Exitus Virtual Assistant campaigns – that will make it easy for you to get started.

So here is the strategy:

  1. Once you become an Exitus Elite member in my team I will add your link to my rotator for all my promotions.
  2. You get on and promote your own link – we have a race to see who can get your first sale for you!
  3. First sale pass-up to me. Woohoo, now you are qualified! Keep doing the same, lets get that second sale – me with my efforts, you with your efforts.
  4. Second Sale. Awesome. You bank $1300 and get super excited.
  5. You now have two links to promote – yours and your first payline (2nd sale) – so you set up a rotator to promote both links – either way you will get the commission!
  6. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

This is so simple and so exciting.

I am looking forward to making this thing work with you.

* The Fine Print

It is hard to estimate how this will work; how quickly sales will occur and how the numbers will grow, so please note:

  • There is no guarantee that you will get sales.
  • There is no guarantee that you will get visits to your sales page.
  • The proportion of visits to your sales page will vary – 33%, 25%, 20%….etc
  • This offer is available until 30 December 2016 – if it is manageable we shall kick on!



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