FB Engagement Ad Strategy

facebook engagement strategy

I have just watched a training video inside the Shadow Commission Project back office with a really cool Facebook engagement ad strategy and I think that I will anchor my marketing approach on this one. You need to have a multi pronged approach to marketing your business, and this is another really clever approach to add to your arsenal.

My multi-pronged approach is:

  1. My blog – onthesameteam.com
  2. Pinterest posts to the blog
  3. Facebook home business, MMO crowd
  4. YouTube videos
  5. Facebook engagement Ads

What I like about this Facebook engagement approach is that it:

  • takes you out of the realm of the dodgy make money online desperates, with fake profiles and unrealistic claims
  • no unsolicited contact is required
  • it helps you ‘build a list’ without having to build a list with AWeber or GetResponse or other autoresponder
  • it can broaden your market to people that have an interest in a variety of subjects
  • it is highly targeted – geographically and by interest
  • if is a relatively low-cost paid advertising approach

The method is simply creating an ad that sits on a Facebook page that is targeted to an audience asking them if they would like to know more about how to ‘make your bank balance bulge’ or ‘fatten your wallet’,  so simply hit like to the ad or say yes in the comment field. Then you invite them to join a Facebook Group that explains the business (in my case the Shadow Commission Project Exitus Elite) opportunity and post information to the group. The group member will receive regular updates as you continue to post positive messages about the opportunity.

For example, you might like to target Stock Traders in Texas, or lovers of fine wine in the UK aged 45 to 55, or any other intersection of geography, demographic and interest. A simple ad avoiding any MMO or home based business reference is the key. You can start with a $5 a day ad-spend. You will get a range of responses – and as with every campaign, you need to test, test, modify, test.

I am new to this so I will be learning as I go.

My FB page is: https://www.facebook.com/HomeBizSuccessStrategies/

My FB group is:

I will track results below.

The graphic below is a mindmap I knocked up when I was thinking about all the possible interests or niches I could target Facebook engagement ads. There are so many, and this is just a start, I am sure I could brainstorm a whole lot more.  This mindmap purposely excludes the make money online/revshare/hyip/network marketing/traffic exchange etc as they are they are saturated markets for this type of offer.

mindmap options for makemoney interests

ref: http://www.marketershotel.com/free-fb-ads-training/

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