Free Traffic Ideas and Resources

Free Traffic Ideas and Resources.

Paid traffic is important to get your list of subscribers started, get some early runs on the board, and build your confidence. But equally you need to build an online presence so that people can get to know you and get to trust you. Mark Crosby talks about getting content out there. Through Facebook, Youtube, your blog and heaps of other options, you need to get your face and your message out there. That is how people will get to see you and become committed to building something with you. I will build this page out over time as I test free traffic ideas and report on how they work. Following is a list of the ones that give the best bang for your buck – have the best responses for the effort.

  1. Jack and Rank Youtube Strategy Mark and Steve teach this Youtube approach.
  2. Tube Traffic Mastery – Jon Penberthy, see below.
  3. Backpage ads – and other free classified ads. Ed Keyte is the master at this and I will attach some links to videos on this strategy. I have found that this has worked surprisingly well. I hosted my photos in photobucket, and made my own pictures grabbed from capture pages that I found that I liked.
  4. Blogging – I have my own blog – here – and I get thirty or 40 vistors a day, and I have only been going since late 2015. It is building, I just need to keep adding content and getting backlinks. This a fairly easy strategy. You can do it with a free platform like or wordpress,com. You could even do it on Facebook pages. Add lots of content to keep the search engine spiders coming back.
  5. See the video down the page from Sarah Staar – she has a sneaky trick of finding highly ranked pages on the Warrior Forum (or other forum) and joining the discussion and getting traffic from there.

The best and simplest approach to using Youtube as a keyword targeted approach to getting traffic from Youtube is found in the free report Tube Traffic Mastery  by Jon Penberthy. Link to the free PDF file on the graphic. (Make sure come back here after you have downloaded the report.) It is a simple old-school, long tail keyword technique for getting quick videos out there and ranking. I have been trying this method and you have hits and you have misses. But the main thing is you develop longstanding content that will continue to send traffic for you.  You will develop a profile and that means you will be able to build a team.

tube traffic mastery

the power of video

Here is some suggestions from a Discussion on the Warrior Forum on Best Free traffic:

  • My favorite would be article syndication. It’s similar to guest posting, with the difference that you give everywebsite/publisher the same article to publish – you don’t write unique content.However, to make it really worthwhile, the person employing this technique must be a hell of a writer. It’s also good for SEO since you get backlinks from many niche-relevant websites/blogs.
  • Social media (Twitter & Instagram works best for me.)But you can’t start with social media and expect to get good traffic in a month or so (Unless you are running 1000s of accounts with bots.)
  • For me Facebook groups. You can find the right people and, to make the matter even better for you, you can get in front of them at the right time! ( Something should be learned with daily practice).Another cool website I currently use frequently ( works with any niche) is You can promote your business as well as building backlinks to your money making websites.
  • Blogging all day long. It’s one of my passions and I have a few… Blogging is long-term thing. Results compound over time in a big way.
  • I think YouTube marketing might be one of the best, and if done correctly. There are plenty of resources you can look up that’ll show you how. The others are good too, but I’ve personally seen more success driving traffic through youtube and video marketing
  • I like using Facebook groups Put a post every day it will generate a lot of traffic if you join 50 to 100 groups.
  • YouTubeThis is the method I have been using for years. I don’t use any shortcuts but in exchange YouTube sends me steady traffic for the videos I uploaded years ago.

    Talking heads are my favorites. I use Fiverr or ask my current customers for a favor.

    But as I said it is not free and totally worth it if done right:

    Video testimonial $10-20
    Professional review or intro $100-150

    Professional Niche Blog

    Another long term project you can count on. Effective blog consists of 50-100 blog posts. The price starts from $1000 if you are not going to lift a finger. You need professional articles and pictures, that’s all. No need to do backlinging because you will get ton of traffic from long tail keywords which converts really well.

  • My take on traffic is not to spread yourself too thin!Try a couple of methods which interest you and if they work, scale them up…When you’re happy with these then add another to your traffic tool bag!

    My top 3 at the moment are:

    1. Regular content (blog etc.). With a bit of SEO thrown in but not at the expense of having little time to write new content. Also, articles and posts need to be created ‘reader friendly’, worst thing you can do is to write for the search engines and forget about your readers.

    2. Document sharing. Most (but not all!) of the guides I write get submitted around the web on document sharing sites.
    Author Stream

    are 3 of my favourite Doc Sharing sites!

    I’ve always thought what’s the point in spending hours with research and writing and not sharing the love?

    3. Video. Doesn’t take long once you get into the habit!
    Any new blog post, tip that I want to share or product that I’ve used and I want to recommend, get their own video.

    And straight onto YouTube of course!

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