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The Freedom Takers Facebook Group is a community of internet marketers focused on helping each other generate a realistic (or astounding) income online. The group works with the amazing Power Lead System as both the product and the marketing platform.

Amanda Wray and Paul G Farmer are the principals and they are ordinary folk having extraordinary success. They have gone from struggling internet marketers to focusing on the amazing Power Lead System product and pay plan and are generating significant and growing income. Their desire is to help as many people as possible lift themselves up through the power of an online business. (Amanda’s back story is amazing and inspirational.)

This group will teach you how to earn $150 per day – and much more.  It basically follows on from Franco Gonzalez 500 per day method using the 24/7 Viral sales funnel. This funnel is brilliant but has had no one until Franco expounding how good it is. Amanda and Paul have jumped in, completely focused on it and developed a range of tools and team approaches that is seeing many in the group seeing great success.

The free Facebook marketing method – using team leverage – is really a game changer for me. It is a very clever approach to use team members to assist each other in their marketing efforts.

I have always thought that Power Lead System is such a great business opportunity but I have never really figured out how to make it really hum the way it should. Amanda and Paul have. And they have graciously let me participate in their group.

The team is having amazing results using free and paid traffic. We have meetings weekly and all of our hangouts are recorded for future reference. If you have looked at the Power Lead System in the past and it didn’t work out that’s fine because this time around is different. We have done for you funnels that CONVERTS! Allowing you to gain massive exposure, opt ins and sign ups consistently. We have broken down the entire process so you are not confused about what to do.
This is the easiest and fastest way to build an online business because the system is really FAIL PROOF! So check out the files section and make sure to get back to the person who invited you to this group and get signed up!
As soon as you are signed up please go to 24/7 Viral System in the files section and set up your funnel. Once that is completed you can go through the videos that we have provided which will allow you to get familiar with the system. If you have any questions I’m here to help!
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