Fusion Trader One Week Results

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I have completed my first month with Imarketslive, and completed my first week of live trades. Three weeks of demo trading was essential, to get the hang of it, and explore the products and commence the training. So how did I go with the first week of live trading?

I connected to the Fusion Trader Optimus Prime and all trades were carried out automatically, mirroring all his trades throughout the week. I started with $702 and at the end of the week my balance is $792.86 So about $90 profit – which is 11% growth in balance. Wow – that is fantastic. Granted there are some open trades that are all red (losing) but the loss/profit is not yet realised. The trader’s hedging strategy is a little scary, but those possible losses should turn in to profits in the new week. We can only hold on and trust the professional knows what he is doing.

It is a different strategy to what I am used to – which is keep your losses small and let your profits run. So, I am learning to relax and let this guy do what he does.

I have used my demo account for other trades – Swipe trades, FX signals and harmonic scanner trades. The week was not a good one to trade as it was end of the financial year and required concentrated effort at work and long hours. The swipe trades are not conducive to me at the moment with the current schedule. I tend to miss the entry, and am not able to actively monitor the trades.

And that is why the Fusiontrader works really well. It is completely hands free. And I can sit back and let the experts do the hard work – and in this case – build my account by 11% in one week.

I won’t go and do the calculations for a 10% growth per week over 52 weeks – I am sure it would be phenomenal, but the return is fantastic. A few more weeks and I will get a feel for the pattern of returns – don’t count your chickens before they hatch! The high return comes with high risk, as evidenced by the current open trades. But it is a fun ride! A good lesson is do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

I will not double my lot size until maybe a balance of 1500 – just to increase the safety.

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