FutureNet Pro Hangout

I just tuned in to the FutureNet Hangout hosted by Ian Bigg, Ari Maccabi and Steve Dourdil. The FutureNet system is really coming together. The Ad revshare has just commenced, and I have not yet started with that yet, just trying to find out the details.

The product offered by Futurenet is Media Points which enables you to purchase a range of tools, games, and other products from FutureNet. It is not a scam or or a money-in-for-nothing.  This is really worthwhile getting in now as it starts to build.

In summary my business is:

Products: Beonpush (real time bidding) and FutureNet (social media and adertising platform), AWN.

Marketing platform: Power Lead System,

Marketing system: Leaders League 360, Yellow Brick Road, Beonprofitsystem


Leaders League 360 hangout

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