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Check out my FutureNet review here exclusively on onthesameteam.com. I joined FutureNet.club in March 2016 at the suggestion of Mark Crosby. Not another program I thought – I have promised myself to avoid the bright shiny object syndrome of past years and stick with a single solid, credible business model and work it hard.

Just imagine if all Facebook members had to pay $10 and you earned 5 percent on everyone that joined after you. How many 50 cents do you think you would earn? Do you think it would generate some real residual income for you?

The Leaders League guys, whom I have great respect for, have made the case that FutureNet is the best single addition to the small group of products we are working with – and they believe it is the most powerful one.  One month in I am convinced that this is the most powerful, incredible online business, and sits perfectly in my quest for the perfect home business. Click below for a longish video that explains all the ins and outs.

futurenet review

But What Are the Products?

The media points you purchase as part of the member (friends) matrix (for $10, $25, $50, $100 etc) can be redeemed for a range of products offered through the Futurenet.club site. These include, games, cloud storage, marketing tools and a range of other products

The forced friends matrix is a sight to behold.

Friend Tree

What you are seeing above is one of six friend trees which you are paid for referring people to…

The power factor of these friend trees is that you make a 5% commission for everyone who lands in your tree.
Now here’s the cool part…
YOU don’t actually have to refer ANYONE to see huge numbers with this..
Because people like myself and other marketers above me will send down “spillover” referrals.
So as long as you’re in the friend tree, you can benefit from the efforts of the big networkers sending hundreds of people down the matrix!
I’ve been an online marketer for long enough now, and never have I seen a business where people can come in being no good at referring people…
And STILL see success! As I say there’s six friend trees at different upgrade levels.
But every minute that passes means you’re more likely to be pushed further down the matrix.
And obviously the guys at the top, get MORE spillover!
You see… We get 5% for EVERY person who lands in our matrix!
Did you get that? Every person!
Whether you referred them or NOT!  There’s more than 80 thousands spots in each matrix!
You can upgrade for as high as 1k, which would earn you 50 bucks for every single person who ever lands in the matrix.
Just really get your head around that for a minute…
Do you want to build it with me and we’ll both benefit from the rest of the guys coming in after you?

>> Get started here

This is still in the “explosion” phase so there’s still a LOT of people who have not yet seen this platform.

You now know as well as I do, this is very attractive to anyone looking to build an online lncome.

This is going to be long standing and something you’ll hear about for years..
So use one of the links above to get started and I’ll see you on the team.

How much money can you make?

It really is scary how big these forced matrices can get. And the money is scary – hundreds of thousands. And that is just through the friends matrix. There is so much more you can earn through the revenue share of the advertising program. But that is a whole other story – the FutureAd Pro advertising revenue share program.
This is one of the easiest methods you’ll see this year.

Is it legal?

A good question to ask – well there are a huge range of products available, there is a compensation plan that is not dissimilar to other network marketing companies. The Leaders League guys have done thier due diligence and would not get involved in something that would risk thier money or the money of thier team members. Yeah, it is legal, and is expected to have a long long life.

FutureNet Review Summary

I am really excited by the FutureNet opportunity. It is completely over the top in terms of opportunity. You can make money even without referring other people. You will make a heap more if you recommend it to some friends. Check it out. Ten dollars locks you in the first matrix and you can see how it rolls.
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