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futurenet sharecodeThe FutureNet share code prepared by the Leaders League 360 team is your ticket to a successful business and your financial freedom. And it is provided completely free. The FutureNet Leaders League Prime marketing system will do 90% of the work for you – all the telling and all the selling.

Now, as you saw in the videos you saw after opting in for more information, there are soooo many ways to earn with FutureNet, aside from just getting paid for simply being active on the social media platform, doing the things you do on other social networks like Facebook (which is pretty awesome in itself eh?)…

  • Social Media Bonuses
  • Multimedia Bonuses
  • Sales Bonuses
  • Advertising Sales Bonuses
  • Friends Bonuses (up to $7,462,191)
  • Matching Bonuses
  • Leader Bonuses
  • Career Plan Prizes
  • Profit Share
  • Referral Commissions up to FIVE levels deep…

And the Leaders League PRIME system is here to help you earn from all of them!

If you haven’t seen the overview and setup videos yet, watch them HERE.

You do not need to be good at selling, referring people, or be a genius on the computer…our system has been put together to do everything for you, once you plug in and follow the simple instructions:

  • It will generate traffic for you
  • It will send that traffic through our sales funnel that includes pre-built lead capture pages, sales pages and email follow-ups that are all coded to you so that YOU get paid.
  • It will work automatically 24/7 to do all of the selling and explaining for you…converting your leads into sales and generating commissions for you from both FutureNet and Power Lead System

All YOU need to do now is:

1. Set up your FutureNet account at no cost.

2. Set up your FutureAdPro membership, get your first ad packs and view 10 ads/day to start earning passive profit share income

3. Secure your spot in one or more of the FutureNet Friends Tree matrixes – the sooner you do this and the higher up you can go, the more you stand to potentially earn, as spillover from our top leaders goes towards building your own matrixes for you…

4. Create your account with Power Lead System (PLS) so that you can use our automated Leaders League PRIME sales funnel and marketing system to skyrocket your income

Note: if you already have a PLS account, you do not need to create a new one.

The step by step instructions laid out in the setup videos will guide you through all of this and show you how to set up your Leaders League PRIME marketing system once you have registered with PLS.

The Share Code you will need, in order to get set up with your own coded Leaders League PRIME sales funnel inside of the Power Lead System, is provided to you in the first email once you sign up. It will look something like this: (I haven’t displayed it publicly for obvious reasons)


Even if you only have a small budget and 15 minutes per day to spare, this WILL work for you, as long as you complete all of the above steps and then follow the plan consistently.

Now it’s just up to you to take the first step by using one of the above links in this email.

I look forward to supporting you!

Take care & see you in the Facebook group

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