Get Started with FutureNet

How to Get Started With FutureNet

You have a made a great choice checking out FutureNet.
It is a new social media site – much like Facebook. Developed in Poland, it is quickly becoming very popular across Europe, Asia, and now the English speaking world. Do you use Facebook? If so you can connect with me here:  I am from Australia, what country do you come from?

Connect With People

You just use FutureNet to connect and talk with people. Best thing to do is to fill out your profile, and complete all your hobbies and interests – you earn media points for doing it.

Make Money With FutureNet

The real beauty of FutureNet is that it offers numerous ways to make money.
Watch it closely and you will see the enormous potential here.
Position yourself in the friends matrix as early as you can Costs $10 minimum, or $35 or $85. There is real money to be made in the forced 3 x 10 matrix.
After that you can look at the FutureAdPro revenue sharing option. You can make lots of money by investing in adpacks – 120% return on $50 ($60)
There are other ways to make money – but I dont want to confuse you early. Just look at the two above – they are the main ones.

How to Build a FutureNet Business

To really build a business you need to market FutureNet. And the best way to do this is through the done-for-you system Leaders League Prime.
To access the amazing Leaders League Prime Marketing system (all the groovy videos and capture pages etc) you can be provided with a free ShareCode that maps all of the resources to you. You need the Power Lead System to use the sharecode. (Evefything you see on domain is my PLS/sharecode working. It is brilliant, and is provided free. You just need the PLS to make it work.
You can trial the PLS for free for 7 days here…. ( am earning more from PLS than FutureNet at the moment, but that will change eventually).
Join this facebook group  and keep up to date. I will give you an welcome message.
That is probably enough to get started now. There is lots more. I will be sending out pre-prepared email messages over the next three weeks. They are automatic and come out of the LLPrime systom on PLS.
Stay in touch.  Lets run this race together.
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