How to Build a Worldwide Business for $200 a Month


If you are serious about financial freedom, time freedom and boss freedom, you will know that being self-employed is the best path to travel to achieve these objectives. A home based business, where you set your own goals and work to your own schedule is the main goal for so many people. That is the path I am on.

2017 Update: How to Build a Worldwide Business with $200 per month

  1. National Wealth Center is the primary product – there are many reasons why NWC is the superior internet business. We can start with $25 per month, best position ourselves for maximum earnings so we will go with the $25 and $50 product, plus $10 admin fee. That is $85 for product and personal and business development.
  2. Marketing System – free. The Residual Home Biz system is free if you join our team. Capture page, sales page, videos doing the selling are all there for you to use.
  3. AutoresponderAWeber or GetResponse. I use GetResponse and love it. You can get your first month free, but from then on it will be $15 a month , and increases once your list grows. That is the first $100 spent.
  4. Then I would spend $100 a month on paid traffic. The back office of Residual Home Biz, and NWCED have a list of solo ad vendors.  Get in touch with me and I can tell you who I have had good success with solo ads from.
  5. So there is your $200 spent. Keep that up and your first few sales will trickle in and start to offset your spend. Keep it up – you are in business. You need to spend some money to earn. So commit to the $200, regardless of earnings. When your earnings are about $500 per month, spend more on you paid traffic. Scale up. Learn new paid strategies such as Facebook ads.
  6. Free marketing.  There are heaps of Facebook strategies, Instagram, Pinterest strategies, blogging, articles traffic exchanges etc for you to get your name out there. Youtube videos are among the best at long term traffic. Free marketing is all about ‘attraction marketing’. Present a compelling story so that people come to you.




The Yellow Brick Road system gives you the structure, the tools, the plan and much of the organisation for you to get your home-based low-start up cost business up and running. Take this and use it.

It Really is a Worldwide Business

One of the things I love about this business is that it is truly world-wide. The web has got us connected so that our tools come from the US, our marketing strategy comes from the UK, and our customers come from all over the world! If you are looking to build a business you have got to be within reach of potential customers. They have to come to you – or you go to them. Our Yellow Brick Road system sells well in many English speaking countries, and the amount of people that need a second income, or desire to secure their financial future continues to grow. The market potential is huge. And remember – you only need about 10 paying customers to cover your costs and about 100 or 200 customers to make a life changing income. Do you think you could grab 100 paying customers out of the (lets say) 500 million people in the world that need a home based business?

Of course you can!!

But you will need to invest time and money to get it started. Nothing comes for free. If you are on a shoestring budget, and you have already confirmed that you are serious, then you need to commit  at the very least $200 per month.

Your start-up costs will be $20 per month for Automated Wealth Network and $54 a month for Power Lead System. The Yellow Brick Road marketing system is provided free of charge to you  – all you have to do is apply the share code sent to you in the first email. Then your job is to work out how you are going to drive traffic to your capture pages.

Start With Free Methods

You will need to build a personal profile so that people can check you out. Find a home on wordpress or Facebook where you can tell your story and send people to find out about you. You may find that social media will work for you. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are the platforms that allow you to reach people with similar interests. Just search YouTube for tutorials on how to use these mediums. Inside both PLS and AWN you will get some serious training on how to use social media to send traffic to your capture pages. Speaking of YouTube, this is probably one of the most effective ways to drive traffic. Make simple ‘how-to’ videos and people will come and check them out. It is a simple concept: learn a task then teach it on video. If you work out a special way to market with Instagram, then make a qucik video about it. You will be amazed at the people looking for a simple tutorial on that same topic. Manny Lopez has some great tips on video here.

Paid Traffic is the Way to Go

Paid traffic. This is where you hit your stride, and start building that list inside of PLS (or AWeber if you have it integrated). You are best advised to pay for solo ads and get your business opportunity in front of people that have already expressed an interest in building a home based business.

So if the product, training and tools cost $20 + $54, that leaves $126 a month to spend on paid traffic. That is not much but it will get you started. You can start with Udimi – it is cheaper and less quality, so move to a higher quality provider as soon as you can. But Udimi will be fine until you get some income coming through. You can expect a 35% opt-in rate – so spending roughly $40 on 100 clicks three times a month, your list will grow by 100 a month. Add that to your free methods and your list building will be on its way.  Remember it is the follow up emails that do the trick in explaining and selling the business – you wont always get signups with each solo ad.

$200  a Month Sure – Even Better if you Can stretch to $400

So for $200 a month on product, tools and the beginnings of a paid ad campaign you can get this thing started. Best if you can stretch to spend more on solo ads – you will see a much faster result.

The goal is to get to that $400 to $500 a month mark of earnings, where the bulk of that is plowed back in to paid traffic and it becomes a self-building business. After that builds a bit further you will have a constantly growing business and a job-replacing income stream!

But it takes commitment, dedication, perseverance and and a never-say-die attitude.

You can do it. Get started now.


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