How to build an online business for $50 a week

The Myth of the ‘Free’ Business

So you are looking to build an online business. And you are completely over following all the bright shiny objects with $7 courses, and $27 shortcuts and $37 programs. You know that it can be done, but you have tried exact match domains, niche marketing, t-shirts, ecommerce and a host of other business models and businesses.

$50 a week
No such thing as a free ride

What you need is a sound business model, with a proven track record, and long term prospects. In fact, what you really need is a business that offers:

Forget doing this for nothing! You can not be serious about starting a business with no money. You need to invest a small amount to get the necessary tools, and commence the necessary marketing.  Sure, there are aspects of internet marketing that you can access for little or no cost, but realise you need to invest some time and money. If it is going to be something of value, then you will need to invest some thing of value in to it.

Can you Build a Business on a Modest Investment?

Try $50 a week. For $50 a week you can buy targeted advertising promoting a serious, long term residual product that is realistic and achievable. $50 is not out of the ball park for many people, and for many people, although a real sacrifice, is within the confines of an existing tight budget. Do without a couple of cups of coffee and some take away food, or miss out on a movie night out – you will find a way.

Find a strong business model. Work with some experts. Spend money of targeted advertising, and build on each weeks small successes.

Martin Paul is the webmaster at and is developing a successful online business utilising the Yellow Brick Road marketing system.

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