How to Create Video Content

Mark Crosby lays out a simple plan for video creation. Do this and you will have a constant supply of leads heading off to your capture pages.

Here’s a strategy for you to help maintain (and build) consistency.
The great thing is, it’s easy and very effective.

Do videos then email them to your list.

Treat your Youtube channel like your own news station keeping your viewers (however big or small your audience may be) informed about anything that is happening and relevant to ANY of the businesses you are promoting. Trust me, if you think about this properly, there’s ALWAYS something to do a video about.

The main thing is continuing to put out some sort of content almost every day. And relate to recent content you may have previously put out. The ones considering joining you may have been watching your videos for weeks. Talk as if you’re talking only to these people. The ones that have been watching your videos.

Then all you do, is summarize what you cover in your video, then link to it, in an email broadcast.

This is a simple strategy but very effective for building that relationship between you and your following. DO IT. AND KEEP DOING IT.

It’s easy and it works if you believe in the process.

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