How to Get 5000 Friends

how to get 5000 friendsOne of the most exciting strategies in our Exitus Elite business is a super way to market to facebook contacts without spamming or pitching them.

Free marketing rocks until you get the point of the revenue can be used to go into paid marketing.

Here is the link (yes it really is free)

Trust me, it will put a rocket in to your marketing efforts.

Michael Angel Martin has a brilliant inbox strategy and Jason Hull teaches how to build relationships with these potential business partners and steer them towards deciding to work with you. It is really a form of attraction marketing – it is about working with people, letting them know what the options are – no sales, no pressure.

It almost renders the traditional list building process redundant. I say almost, because I still think there is a place for email marketing. But if you are not set up to capture leads with Aweber or GetResponse (etc) then you can BUILD A LIST on Facebook – 5000 and even more followers. But you have to know how to do it and the 5000 Friends system shows you how to do it. It is really cool and I love using it. I started my facebook friends list from about 250.

The OpenJacket system is a free system that Tyson Curtis set up to help marketers build their list of Facebook friends. It is really neat, with  a community of fellow travellers keen to help you out.



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