How to Get Leads to Your Business on Autopilot


Lets face it, new people looking at your business is the lifeblood of any business. Did you know there is a really cool way of getting lookers (leads) that is super simple and only cost $7? Lead Lightning is a really neat lead generation system that I have neglected a bit over the past year or so. But it does work. You can generate leads just by sending people to the capture page – the flash one with the clock on it  – you can check it out here mcdonalds-big-mac-a-coke-and-a-big-mac-large-8–

It really is a business in a box for the cost of a Big Mac! The very act of people checking out the lead system allows you to grab an email address and you have a easy-to-get lead – even if they don’t become a member of Lead Lightning. But the smart marketer, or smart business owner will see the value of getting this lead grabbing system to grab contacts details and be able to follow them up.


For the super low price of $7 the prospect can get the same capture page and sales system. And for this you can generate $6 commission.  The autoresponder will send out 17 messages – half about Lead Lightning and half about your primary business – in my case Exitus Elite.

That means that anyone can use it no matter what business they are in!

Manny Lopez – super PLS trainer – goes over it here:

Lead Lightning is a high-tech (but simple to use) $7 marketing system created by the Power Lead System.  Lead Lighting is an amazing sales funnel with hundreds of working parts.

Lead Lightning customers are given a lead capture page, sales page, a professionally written email campaign, a contact management system, the ability to create exposure to any business of their choice, and a training area packed with marketing training and quality traffic sources.

As a Power Lead System customer or affiliate, you are given the ability to sell Lead Lighting for just $7 and make $6.00 commissions. Setting up and promoting your Lead Lightning funnel(s) will help you build your list, create exposure and sales to any business you are promoting, create buyer leads which are showcased in your back office, create PLS Gold level sales and higher (via upgrades), all while making $6.00 commissions. Power Lead System provides you with pre-done funnels that will present and sell Lead Lightning for you which means all you have to do is advertise your links.

Lead Lightning is a very powerful and complex marketing system/funnel. It was created to help you (and anyone who uses it), do 6 things… 1) Build a list with targeted leads, 2) Create $6.00 commissions, 3) Create a list of ‘Buyers’ (that can be contacted by email or phone), 4) Generate PLS Gold Level sales and higher, 5) Promote the business of your choice, and 6) Train & educate you on how to market online.

The cost of Lead Lightning is only $7 one time. Click Here for a brief overview of Lead Lightning.

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