How To Make 500 dollar days

This system has been tried, tested and proven. A structured approach to building a business online, with the entry level product costing about 2 pizzas a month. The product is a high demand multi faceted marketing suite of tools, world famous Power Lead System.

With a simple system  – summarised with four key points – Get in, Get All in, Get Training, Get traffic. If you do this over and over, you will see regular and growing one hundred dollar commissions, and four hundred dollar commissions.  Amazing. And the residual income grows week by week. But the other products lead to massive commissions

And super affiliate Franco Gonzalez closes the sales. Franco talks to your customers on a weekly basis and they see the light and come on board. When someone comes All in you earn $520! Plus the residual, plus the 50% matching bonus. The earning possibilities are phenomenal.

The Freedom Takers team work together to make this work. There is regular Sunday training, a team approach to boosting exposure, a pool traffic source, and day to day encouragement. Amanda and Paul also do the training, selling and closing.

Did I tell you all the sales materials are all set up for you? The sales pages – coded to you, the explain pages – all coded to you –  are all provided to you through the system.

Paul explains this really well below:

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