How to start a home based business

catch the wind and set sail!

There are so many options for you to consider if you are wanting to start a home business. You first need to answer a few questions:

  • Are you starting part-time around an existing job, or are you going the full monty, full time?
  • Do you want a traditional business offering a service or product, or do you want to work online?
  • If online, have you considered the range of business models? Service provision, sell your talent, financials, brokerage, e-commerce, direct selling, niche marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing?
  • What is the market for my service/product? Are people making money with this product with this business? Where are my customers? Is it local or is it worldwide?
  • Who are the other people doing this sort of business? Do they have special skills? Where did they learn?
  • How am I going to do this around my family commitments, my work commitments, and other things I have going on?
  • What do I have to invest, what do I need to sacrifice? What is it going to take?

Once you set on a business model, you will need to research a plan of action. Find other people with expertise or experience in the same sort of business you want to start and learn from them. Youtube is a great place to start to learn about many aspects of your future home business. There are plenty of people online who want to sell you a system, so be very careful as you do your due diligence checking all the options out.

Take a deep breath, be brave and courageous, be confident in the research you have done, put some money into it – get your skin in the game – and go for it. There will be risks – but you have to take them. No guts, no glory. Some will pay off.Some will fail. Failure is part of learning, and brings you closer to success.

Learn, trial, implement, adjust. Learn, trial, implement, adjust.  Catch the wind and set sail!

About the Author: Martin Paul is running an exciting home based business based on the Yellow Brick Road marketing strategy. More details can be found at

Robert Kiyosaki explains some of his insights into how to start a home business, particularly in direct selling.

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