How To Succeed With Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro is a superior online business system with so many features and benefits. One of the participants in our Private Support Group provided a really good summary of how to get your Elite Marketing Pro business off to a final start. I copy it here mainly for my own benefit so that I can come back and refer to it. Do this and you will be laying the foundations of an amazing internet business.

Here is Alison’s post:

Hey guys! So I get a lot of people reaching out about creating success quickly with EMP—-here’s the real deal.
I am not posting this to say ANYTHING that anyone else is doing is wrong and that I am right, I am just sharing what has worked for me…we all have our own journey.
1. Go VIP–do your BEST to come up with the funds to pay in full to receive the VIP coaching calls–there is SO much value there!
2. FOLLOW the coaching. If you are in your first 3 coaching calls, do what they tell you. Don’t try and “figure it all out” right at the beginning. This is a SYSTEM that if followed, will set you up for success.—if you are VIP, FOLLOW the VIP coaching–again, they give you clear, step by step instructions on what to do in between calls. I know everyone wants to be profitable and create leads IMMEDIATELY, but if you just slow down enough to master each step, you will actually become successful much faster…and without wasting $$ or time!

3. Plug into the VIP ONLY training in the back officeFerny recently shared to go through those IN ORDER. SO many of your questions about your ads will be answered if you study those…ESPECIALLY “Know Your Metrics.”
4. Sign up for the Tuesday Traffic webinars! Get your ads reviewed, and watch others have theirs reviewed…you will learn so much!

5. Don’t try and “reinvent the wheel” Again, some pretty smart people developed this system and have proven that it works, so follow their lead!

6. BE AUTHENTIC!! That 3rd VIP call is my favorite….really narrowing down your EXACT Avatar. Do the leg work in understanding who that person is so that your ads are successful and people are connecting with them. Be authentic to who you are when you’re considering this–remember you are building YOUR BRAND!! And just because you see ads or branding that are working for someone else, doesn’t mean they’ll work for you. Be an original! People appreciate and connect with authenticity!

7. Don’t be in a hurry!! I personally have achieved pretty insane results in a short amount of time…people ask me what I am doing as if I have some special secret I am not sharing, but ALL I DID was follow the system, took my time with each new skill I was learning, and put in a TON of hours up front….be a student, take action, and be coachable!!

I hope this helps someone!! EMP wants you to be successful! Follow the program as it’s designed and see what happens!!

PS–when you feel like you need “something” to do and you’ve gone through everything else, focus on adding value to your community!!

Source: Alison Schlicht EMP private FB group

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