Investigating Exitus Elite

There is a lot of buzz around this newish business – I am checking it out. There is not much to not like about this. I am not a program jumper, but I still need that lucrative 10,000 a month business. This may be it.  A few hurdles to get over first. Lewis makes a strong case see below. The rotator looks amazing –

This is a mid-level, mid-ticket product business. The product costs $1300. The business to get started is $1600. If you think about it – this is not a large cost to start a business that has the real opportunity to make lets say $5000 per month. If you were to buy a lawn-mowing franchise which could earn you $5,000 per month (by working 50 hours a week mowing lawns!) you would have to pay $50-80,000 for the franchise fee, capital equipment and marketing. This is not a steep entry cost for the serious business builder. And the simple fact is after two sales you will have your costs virtually covered. And the third sale you are in big profit.

So its a sizeable entry point when you compare it to the other affiliate marketing products and systems that we have promoted in the past. And don’t get me started with the comparison to Amazon affiliate sales. Let me go check on my monthly commissions to date on my best Amazon site…….(wait)……oh great . Month to date is $2.56!! My goodness after all the new content, keyword research, link building, social media, Pinterest etc, it still struggles to cover the monthly hosting fee.

Imagine if one sale put $1300 in your pocket. Imagine you could completely outsource the sales process so that you pocket $800 while the outsourced salesman pockets $500. This is looking really good.


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