Kicking Goals in Week 2 of Fusion Trader

In my second week with the Optimus Prime mirror trader I made just on $60. This after a $90 profit last week. And this is with the smallest lot size of 0.01 lots.

I wont increase the lot size until I get to $1400- $1500 as there has been much talk around that it is important not to have too small an account balance.

It is difficult to stay disciplined because I am hanging out to increase my lot size. If I was at 0.02 lot size then my weekly profit would have been $120. If I was up to 0.1 lot size then my weekly profit would have been $600.

But it is important to preserve your capital, not risk it, and not over leverage. I need to walk before I run.

This is a long term play. It is a marathon not a sprint – it is 10,000 metres not 100 metres. I have learned so much since I started this and I am learning daily how to trade, how to make money with the product.

GOOOOOOOOAL! (247/365)” by derrickcollins is licensed under CC BY-ND

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