Leaders League 360 Review

18 March update – I am right into the Leaders League 360 review system, and am loving it. See my video below to get the lowdown


Exciting news on the 26th February 2016. Our leaders at Yellow Brick Road Steve Doudil and Mark Crosby, have joined forces with some big internet leaders to create a new sales approach – the Leaders League 360.

The Launch video of the Webinar is included below – it is really incredible to see these leaders working together to get a massive new opportunity off the ground. Have a look at this video, it covers many of the questions. Thats Mr I M Bigg in the screenshot.

LL Launch hangout 26feb2016

The exciting thing for us (in the know) that are involved in Yellow Brick Road, is that the Leaders League 360 is pretty much the same as our sales system – with the addition of one extra program – Beonpush.

Beonpush is an exciting new company based in Europe that buys and sells online advertising and shares the revenue with members.  The earning potential of this is absolutely incredible. There are a handful of earning opportunities within Beonpush the revshare, the referral bonus and an incredible binary pay plan.

Yellow Brick Road plus Beonpush equals the Leaders League 360 plan.

You really have to check out this video that explains the Beonpush program really well.
And here is Mark Crosby explaining the income opportunities of Beonpush, It is amazing.

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