Lifetime Mining for $36 – Are You Crazy??

lifetime contract with swiss gold globalCan you believe it? Even this late in the game lifetime mining contracts are available. Here at Swiss Gold Global. These are lifetime contracts which never ever expire. Never – that means they will not stop pumping out daily Bitcoin!
I hope you’re thinking long term when it comes to bitcoin. That’s what it’s all about.
Bitcoin is going to reach six figures per coin which means if you have enough mining power to produce a bitcoin every year (or even every 2 or 3 years to be honest)…
Your creating yourself a massive annual income through a one time deal which requires no daily tasks or recruiting other people.
As the value of bitcoin rises, the bitcoin hitting your bitcoin wallet is only going to increase as well..
That’s the beauty of mining with Swiss Gold Global, you have good reason to keep an eye on the rising value of bitcoin….
Because it affects how much you’re getting paid every day!
This will not last long at all before the contracts are all once again sold out.
They have real machines mining cryptocurrency and the space on these machines is taken up by customers as they obtain more mining power.
And this window doesn’t last long before all the allocation has gone.???????
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