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No Brainer profit system explainedThe No Brainer System is a massive little beast. I am spending a few hours going through this thing and I am really excited. I just spend some time IMing Andy Luong, the key trainer. He was very generous with his time and very supportive. He offered a couple of specific recommendations to my business as it is now.  I will keep investigating. I love systems where the principal does much of the selling – i can be covered by his cred. Andy does a great job of explaining:

  • that he offers a free capture page
  • that he has a goal to help people build a list of potential buyers
  • that the make money online niche is a good one to start with, given the done-for-you system he offers
  • he has 3 or 4 products in the done-for-you system that once you buy them you can get 100% commissions on ones that are sold through your link.
  • he does the selling, for products he has made!
  • The first product is $7  – 30 Days to, $10,000 – video course. It is a high quality step by step video series (30 vids) on how to get your online business started. I have just started going through them, and it is real high quality stuff. Stuff that you would pay $50 per month in many other membership sites.
  • Ands the best thing is  – apart from all the learnings you get – is that you can ‘resell’ the product for 100% commission. a low entry that eases the customer into the next product, that Andy sells and you can earn 100% again.

The welcome message from Chuck at the No Brainer Profit System Facebook page is:

Welcome new members to the NBPS mastermind group.

Quick question? How big is your email list right now?

10? 100? 1,000? 10,000? or even 100,000?

Another question, have you personally opened an email, clicked a link within the email and bought something? If the answer is yes then you know that list building + email marketing simply works!

It has worked for years and will always continue to work.

That’s why if the answer to my first question was anything less than 10,000, why is that? Why are you not building your own email list when you and I and everyone knows it is 100% proven to work.

The good news, as a member of the NBPS, you now have everything you ever need. You do not need to worry about building marketing pages, funnels, hosting or anything like that.

You can literally start building your own email list as soon as today!

On top of that, you’re also getting paid to build your list.

Yep, the first 3 levels pay out 100% commission every time your leads decide to invest in our products and programs.

Not to mention, I guarantee you the products that come with every level is NOTHING you have seen before. So stop buying useless WSOs, Push button software or anything like that.

Follow the steps within NBPS, positioned yourself the best that you can, get access to our quality products and programs, take advantage of our In-House traffic, start building your list and actually start earning those easy autopilot commissions!

In summary, Andy and I have done all that we can to help you make money online fast while building a legitimate online business but it is entirely up to YOU to take advantage of it and take action.

My final advice to you is invest in the first 3 levels at least because not only will you get access to the products that will help you become a super affiliate, you will also be able to earn 100% Commissions on all three levels.

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