One Off Sales Nearly Killed Me

residual incomeOk, it is probably not that bad, but for years I pushed hard in niche marketing, physical products, Amazon products, mostly in the weight loss niche, and forever I was chasing the sale. And a sale was great! I loved it, and the commission was even better – well not so much with Amazon which was about 6%. But my main weight loss product provider paid 35 to 40% which was fantastic. Now I know the weight loss market is big – it is huge – but you are still relying on getting each sale over the line each time.

One off Sales!

Yeah – they nearly killed me. Oh how I could find a product that people would purchase every month and give me a regular commission and not have to rely on the the same amount of marketing to get each sale.

What I love about Lead Lightning/Power Lead System is the fact that there is recurring sales each and every month, and that requires no extra effort. Well you still need to put in effort to market your business, make a relationship with your customer and add value. But once you have sold a monthly product, you can still keep benefiting from it! Yahoo! No more one off sales.

Lead Lightning – the entry to the PLS – is a all inclusive marketing system that is the perfect foundation for a home business. It only costs $7 to get started, give it a test drive, then you upgrade to the Gold Power Lead System and make unbelievable monthly residual income.

CLICK HERE for more info on how you can get started.

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