Refining the Business Model


Refining the Business Model

It is important to be very clear in what you are doing and not be distracted by bright shiny objects. This business is about building an Exitus Elite income with Power Lead System as the main tool promote and capture leads. It is good to have multiple streams of income and both EE and PLS have amazing payment plans. PLS allows you to build a list of contacts and continue to work with them regardless of what the primary business is. The approach is to:

  1. offer value, lifestyle, results on FB, daily post, build to 5000 contacts, use MAM script, directing towards Exitus Elite
  2. offer to assist existing home-based-business operators assistance with lead generation through Power Lead System, (Free Lead System, Lead Lightning, PLS Gold)  – lower cost, entry, generate monthly residual
  3. paid marketing – for step 2.
  4. build relationship with a) FB group as per  step 1., and list through regular list emails. List will promote PLS then EE for one month, then daily broadcast offering value, promoting both PLS and EE.
  5. introduce primary business Exitus Elite along the way to PLS customers (that may already have an existing HBB.
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