Residual Home Biz Overview

How about a $25 payment month after month, having only ‘sold’ the product once. How about a $175 product payment, direct to your Paypal account, month after month,  having only ‘sold’ the product once. How about 10 of them – $1750 per month. How about 20 of them? $3300 per month?

Residual Income – this is the holy grail of internet  marketing.

And I have spent years promoting Amazon affiliate sites – getting traffic, writing articles, getting backlinks, pushing search engine results, tracking rankings for keywords – all for 4% to 6.5% commission on a 30 to 40 dollar product.

That is $1.20 per sale if you are lucky.

And that is a one-off sale!

And I have got to go and find a new buyer to purchase another $3o product, to give me $1.20 for my efforts.

How many new buyers did I need to make $50 profit or $100 profit?

It is insane. It certainly wore me down.

I am so thankful that I found this residual income business model.

The National Wealth Centre business is one where you become licensed to resell the products for a 100% commission. NWC prepares the product and for a $10 per month licence (admin) fee, I can sell the products for 100% commission. Makes my Amazon Affiliate sales look completely laughable. And with the first sale my own qualifying product cost is recovered. One sale, and you are cost recovery!

The Residual Home Biz System

The Residual Home Biz System is the brainchild of super-affiliate Brandon Frye. A free sales capture page is provided, and a back office that does the telling and selling for you. It provides encouragement to the prospect to get inside National Wealth Centre and try out the $25 dollar product. And use that as the basis for a massive home based business with RESIDUAL INCOME – of $25, $50, $100 payments – direct to you.

This is completely doable with as long as you have 2 things – a business system that offers those features, and the grit and determination to make it happen. The business system – I can offer you – between National Wealth Centre and Residual Home Biz you have a complete business-in-a-box. It is all together a brilliant system.

As far as the grit and determination – only you can add those ingredients.


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