Rob Fraser is Inspirational

I joined the Lead Lightning business with Rob Fraser after watching a number of his videos. In this one he makes himself very vulnerable and shows us his personal debt that he is steadily paying down as a result of his home based business with Traffic Monsoon and Power Lead System.

I really admire his honesty and willingness to share. I am truly inspired by his success and wish him well. I am dead keen to replicate his success. He talks about a ‘Brake Man’s Plan’, which I will cover in another blog post. Essentially that is the plan I am following and recommend for my team.

Lead Lightning and go hard on Traffic Monsoon, get to 30 Adpacks then 50 adpacks. There will be sufficient cash flow from those adpacks to upgrade to Power Lead System, and purchase more traffic.

Simple and brilliant.

Work with me and we can do it together.


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