Secret Coaching Society and Exitus Elite

The Secret Coaching Society is a group of top earners who are sharing their expertise in online marketing and assisting people develop their own business. You will find many insider tips within The Secret Coaching Society that should have you on your way to that next commission check in your primary business. Our Facebook strategies alone are responsible for over $1.2 million in commissions within the 16-week period we tracked results.
If you are undecided or are looking for a premium home based business, it would be wrong of us not to mention the opportunity our group is using to crush their income goals. We are super exited about Exitus Elite.
Here are a few reasons we chose Exitus Elite:
  • It’s a 100% commission based business that offers digital educational products. This means you keep 100% of every sale you make ($100 – $1,000 per referral).
  • It has a very low admin fee (as little as $299/year)
  • The company has a proven model of concept but isn’t outdated like some opportunities (under 5 years but over 9 months) which makes it ideal timing to get started and build a strong foundation within this opportunity.
  • There are no ongoing monthly expenses!
  • It includes free capture pages, autoresponder email messages, lead tracking software, and other great tools.
  • You can use your Secret Coaching Society website to bring on new leads by offering them our free training. And if they don’t yet have a business opportunity they will be able to join you in Exitus from within your replicated system.
  • And (most importantly) our team is crushing income goals with this opportunity! This is largely in part of our Secret Coaching Society platform and all of the tools and training that we offer.
Now we realize that nobody likes to be “sold” on anything. We simply want to put this out there so you don’t feel like we kept anything from you. If you’re 100% on board with your current opportunity then we’re more than happy to hear that!
But if you’re like 80% of marketers out there that are either unhappy with their current biz opp or are in between businesses, we hope you’ll find this information useful.
If you’re interested in learning more about the Exitus Elite business, get back with your Secret Coaching Society referrer and they can give you more details about the company and opportunity.
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