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6Exitus elite – business plan

summary: why you should invest in exitus elite

This is a 21st century business that has the real potential to earn monthly $5000, $10,000 or more, with recurring sales. Check the sales page here. The opportunity is so good there are a lot of serious people joining quickly. There are many testimonials of fast money, as this thing has taken off over the past couple of months or so. Commission on the product is 100% of purchase price – $1,300 commission over and over.

We should invest in this because it is doable and the best chance of digging ourselves out of a hole. I have the expertise to build an online business – but $20 commissions per sale takes a long time to build a real income.  This business, despite the high entry cost, addresses the high dropout rate when people don’t have early success to cover their cost and move in to profit.

the product

Premium suite of training products – can peek here: Comparable packages are being sold for $5,000. The product is a one-off payment of $1300.   The other program that is quite similar to this is that is taking off at the moment is Digital Altitude, but the ticketed prices are quite high and it has a multilevel payout.

The Business

This is an amazing business. Lewis video here convinced me

1 sale begets 2 sales, 5 sales beget 4 other sales. ($5200) 10 sales begets 9 sales (11,700). 20 sales begets 19 sales ($24,700). Now each of those 19 sales have passed their first sale up to you. So that is an additional 19 sales (24,700) passed up. And then another 19. And so it continues.

It is a little hard to get your head around, but Frank does the best job at explaining it here. (Frank earned $57,000 in the first 2 weeks!)

Exitus Elite provide the opportunity to make the sales for you. They can follow up (purchased) leads with phone and text and close the sale. For those sales, the commission is $800 with the outsourced sales force taking $500 per sale.

Product sales are made person to person via PayPal, bitcoin, direct deposit. Payment is made immediately, no waiting 2 months for payment.

2016 Scenario

This year I made 8 sales with Yellow Brick Road/ Power Lead System, but they all dropped out. Excellent product, great marketing system, but not great enough to keep the punters hanging around.  If I had made 8 sales in this business I would have made (7 x $1300) $9,100 – with my first sale passing up to my sponsor. Those eight will all be motivated to get their first 2 sales to cover their costs. That would be an additional $9,100 to me with the first pass up.

the M&F Paul business plan

  • Use Shadow Commission Project action plan
  • Work with Jason Hull as mentor and brainstorm marketing plan
  • This should pay for itself within 1 month
  • Continue with GetResponse – $15/month
  • Build list through free and paid methods.
  • The rotator is a selling point above many others

* I have generally kept my marketing activities away from family and friends on FB. In this case, because it is a solid and creditable business, and it is part of the rotator to get 2 sales, I will be relaxed about doing it.

Marketing Plan


why i think i can make this work

  • I know how to build an email list
  • I have GetResponse with about 500 leads
  • I have a website that is getting free traffic for related search terms. It is an authority site and will be ramped up to focus on Exitus Elite. I was getting 3-4 leads per day into my Power Lead System when I was focusing on that. This can be replicated for Exitus Elite.
  • I know a good business when I see one.
  • Paid traffic will get a few sales
  • Strong mentoring
  • I am excited and can commit to the business

My History

I have good skills in internet marketing, but have been unable to crack the regular decent monthly payment. All my sites get reasonable organic traffic, and I know how to build a list with paid and free traffic.

the team to join


I like  Jason Hull seems to he the guy in that team that I would like to work with. He is in Michael Angel Martin team. It seems like a good pedigree – from Shadow Commission Project, to Michael Angel Martin to Jason Hull. A great team to join.



There is no monthly payment – the recurring payment is due to the one-up commission plan being passed down. $300 for the admin, and $1300 for the product.

Another good description of the compensation plan is here:


The why

I have had enough of working 65 hours a week. I need a fast-track to online success to clear the personal debt that is weighing me down. I do not want to be a public servant any longer than I have to.

I want to bless others. I do not need much. I have two European cars and a large enough house. I would like to help my children buy a house. I want to be able to give more freely. I want to be able to see a need and act with generosity – not be constrained and stingy, focussed on my pending payments. I want freedom, liberation. I want to be able to choose to work a few days a week in our community welfare centre, assisting the less fortunate, knowing that my income continues to grow.

my medium term goal

Once I can establish a regular earning of $3 – 4,000 for 3 consecutive months my goal would be to take 5 months long service leave and hit this really hard. A further online business would make sense as well.

I could recharge my Amazon affiliate sites to crank up the content and backlinks.

Long Term goal

No nine to five, online income of $20,000 per month from several sources, debts paid off, growing food, move to the country or coast.

It’s gunna happen.





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