Shawn Powell Exitus Elite Strategy

shawn powell exitus elite strategy

Shawn Powell is an inspiration – his story is incredible and his videos are honest and raw, and without fear. He explains his Exitus Elite strategy below:

Anyone that is in Exitus Elite.. You NEED to be doing videos.. You need to be getting seen.. And people NEED to know who you are.. To me it is very very obvious now.. I am a FB guy and I know that I can make money from my timelines and YES that should be a part of your daily routine as well.. And your phone should be available to anyone wanting to speak to you.. You have to make that accessible as well.. But at this level of price, you need videos..

Just be yourself.. If you are not being you, Who are you going to be? They don’t want gurus.. They want someone that puts the work in, that shows people what they think and doesn’t quit.. At this volume of entry.. They want to speak to you personally.. 90% of the people do.. As well as they probably should.. So make sure that can happen for them.. Leaving your number to get seen will help them to take that step.

Like I said before.. No one is calling you because they are bored.. They are on the fence and that’s it.. Be yourself and tell them what you think about the business.. Show them you believe in what you do.. Get use to this very thing as well.. EXPECT people to get in..

How do you get people to call you? You tell them to.. How do you get people to hit your link? You tell them to.. And you do it a lot in all the videos and descriptions.. You tell people the value of a 100% commissions immediately in your hands as well..

This is not hard.. But at a $1000 a pop.. You have to become accessible and someone they can relate with.. You know, anyone that does this for a year like I am telling you to.. You will get really really good at this.. Not only for this business but any for that matter.. One year could change your life entirely.. And no mater what way you try to avoid doing this very thing.. It will still be needed to take your business to the next level.. True with Solo ads, email marketing, Facebook or anything..

What am I trying to tell you? Don’t do this business half way.. YOU deserve better than that.. You paid to play now put the work in.. And make that a routine to do it as well.. When you finally let go. I mean seriously let go.. Drop whatever hang ups you have.. Because the people watching don’t have a hang up with you.. It’s all you….. Once you drop that and stop worrying or caring what others will say or think.. That’s when your business will move forward and take off.. Just remember I am entirely blind in my right eye.. I easily could have said NO.. I’m not going to do it.. I could have let that be my excuse and that would have been it.. It’s easy to give up.. But I swear if you knew what it feels like to be free with something that YOU did yourself.. You would fight for it no matter what it takes.. If it takes you two years of putting in the work.. There is still NOTHING you could have done any better for you or your family than this..

Some of you need to stop playing with this and online business and get serious about it.. I have fun doing what I do.. I think that people can see that as well.. It’s not work to me.. It’s really not.. I have done REAL work for a long long time.. REAL Work in the real world is not the answer.. You Just have to get out and get seen.. Try what I am telling you and let this take off for you.. Make goals for yourself as well.. What you learn from putting the effort in will never leave you and you will always have that to go with you into any business in the future as well..


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