Simple Facebook Marketing Strategy

Keithy Broome outlines a simple approach to facebook marketing, with a focus on MyPaying Ads.

Here’s a list of things you should be attempting every day to succeed online.

1. POST your results DAILY on Facebook, 3+ Times Daily (Screen Shots of your back office in MPA with an earnings disclaimer)

2. JOIN 500+ Facebook Targeted Make Money Internet Marketing Business Opportunity Groups.

3. POST your ad in at least 60 Groups DAILY for your Business.

4. Start a PM Conversation with at least 10 people per day who are active in the Facebook groups. (ask them questions like, “How do you make money with your business?)

5. Build your Facebook Friends list to 5,000. Business Minded Friends ONLY.

6. Put 20 to 50 Drop Cards out DAILY.

7. Make at least ONE VIDEO DAILY and post on YouTube, Facebook & Twitter.

8. Private Message at least 10 of your Friends on Facebook DAILY asking them how they are!!! Do this until you have at least 10 conversations going DAILY on Facebook

9. Spend at least 15 minutes studying personal development DAILY by reading a book or watching a training video.

Paul and Eric’s fb engagement strategy



Shawn Powell’s approach


linsay moore approach Fanpage

Amy Porterfield- so much goodness – go through this activity by activity.

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