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Power Lead System – Getting Started TrainingSimple Freedom Team

Welcome to the Simple Freedom team. This is the Fast Start Training so you can hit the ground running.

Your main funnels should be all setup by now. If you have a “primary” program you promote, a couple of our funnels (Lead Lightning & Free Lead System) are designed to promote it for you as you use our funnels to create your leads.

If not, no big deal. PLS was also designed to be a great vehicle to build a stand-alone full time online cash flow stream for you.

In fact, you already know Franco conducts our Wednesday weekly overview hangouts to teach people how to use PLS alone to create $500 & $1,000 days online. So either way, here’s your “getting started” manual and your “Fast Start” game plan.

The first step is create a document with your links and then follow the next steps in training to get traffic which I cover below.

The first step is to plug you into our main training locations.

  1. Your main link for training on Power Lead System is here:


  1. Power Lead System Facebook & Training Center in the back office. Focus on “Endless Free Leads 11” by Max Steingart first.

I have already done most of those steps for you if you are a VIP “ALL IN” teammate. I setup all your funnels. So the list of your links is just for easy reference and future use.


1. Main link for traffic:

2. Direct to presentation for prospects and follow up:

3. Wednesday Night Hangout:

4. Thursday Night Training:

5. Lead Lightning Funnel:

6. Free Lead System Giveaway:

Those are the links to use in following up with prospects and also for new traffic to your “MAIN” link to collect leads originally.

The “lead lightning” funnel is the $7 funnel offer which people can start with and then later upgrade to Gold etc…

Same with the “Free Lead System” which is a free offer people can start with and later upgrade to Lead Lightning then Gold etc…


Fast Start Game Plan:

1. PAID TRAFFIC: What I’d do to start is get traffic to your main link first at

That’s exactly where I get my own traffic. The owner is Clay Montgomery. He’s on our team too and owns that traffic service.

Whatever your budget allows responsibly is fine.

2. FREE FACEBOOK LEADS: Next… since we have that automated traffic coming in… is to plug into learning how to get your own traffic and prospect on Facebook.

Our back office has a course by Max Steingart called: ENDLESS FREE LEADS 17.

I would absolutely focus on that training ONLY for now. It’s the best skill set to learn getting started.

How to find targeted people on Facebook.

How to engage and turn strangers into friends.

How to invite them to review your link.

All that training is in his course and we get it in our back office.

I can guide you with the paid traffic and follow up… and guiding you on how best to setup your Facebook for business.


We can take this at your own pace too so you won’t be “overwhelmed.” Just let me know a couple things that help me coach you:

1. TIME: About how much time do you have to build your online business? 1-2 hours at night? More? Less?… just to give me an idea of what kind of time you have to work on it so I can point you to things that can be done inside your schedule.

2. MARKETING BUDGET: A responsible, reasonable marketing budget you have available on a monthly basis: $50 – $150 for marketing and traffic… or more… or less…

This way I can guide you to marketing strategies your time and budget can allow. And we can take it from there.

The goal is to take the first 90 days of your business and find your first 3-5 teammates so we can duplicate this training with them.

Then you’ll have the leverage of THEIR MARKETING BUDGETS working on your behalf. And we do the same with them.

So now you have this Fast Start document and the video review that goes with it. Please share this with every single teammate as your business team grows to help you replicate and duplicate.

This is the clear, focused path to a great, long term, consistent, reliable growing income for your future. I’m here to help you if you have any questions.

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