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This is a simple business: one sales system for two companies – two massive income sources.

  1. Check the details here: 
  2. Let the system tell the story.
  3. Work with me and the team, and we can get this thing rolling!! Join this Facebook Group.
  4. Implement the promotion strategies outlined in the Facebook group and the EAS site.
  5. Now here’s the thing….avoid shiny objects! Stick with a known and successful plan. There are a lot of distractions out here. The only guarantee for success is if you choose a solid business (tick) and stick with it and grind it out and don’t change course mid stream. It is the only way to make this work. This works folks – you just have to stick with it.

This business is simply giving away membership to a site that provides high value information products (No Brainer Profit System) to a large and growing market, using a high converting sales and marketing system provided by No Brainer. This serves two purposes:

  1. you will build a list of customers in the Make Money Online niche
  2. you will learn how to build an online business (outside of the MMO niche).

I have been using My Paying Ads to generate traffic and generate revenue to pay for advertising.

. Set Up My Paying Ads (its simply better than Traffic Monsoon, start with $10)

2. Set Up Automated Wealth Network  ($20)

3. Set Up Power Lead System (free for 7 days)

4. Use the Yellow Brick Road Sharecode (free)

The systems are interdependent and have significant earning potential with each.

Get Started with the Perfect Home Business:

  1. Get started with Automated Wealth Network for $20: here
  2. Get started with Power Lead System on the 7 day free trial: here
  3. Learn all you can from the basic AWN courses and from the Power Lead System Training site and Yellow Brick Road set up page. Learn and learn some more. Get committed, generate a burning desire to succeed. Understand the ‘why’ – what drives you – is it freedom, is to get out of the 9 to 5, is it financial pressure?
  4. Develop your approach – YouTube, blog, social media, offline marketing
  5. Resolve to get committed and invest $200 per month to making this work – ($74 for AWN and PLS, $126 for marketing)
  6. Buy traffic from Udimi – 100 clicks for $50 – From 200 clicks you can expect 3 to 4 paid customers. Buy more traffic. Buy even more traffic.
  7. With 4 sales (4 x AWN plus 4 x PLS) you will be generating $80 a month  (all fixed costs covered) With 10 sales (AWN:$100 plus PLS:$100) you will have a self sustaining business covering costs of product plus marketing.
  8. Scale up and slam traffic the Rob Fraser way!



There are a few moving parts here, but to keep this business model as simple as possible:

We have a simple business to promote (Beonpush and FutureNet) with a done-for-you sales system (LL360) on a replicatable  technology system (Power Lead System).

Power Lead System –

PLS is a 17 year old company with a solid future. The sales platform is all set up including the capture pages and the email sequence. It costs $53/month for the gold package and affiliate program, but it pays for itself after only a couple of customer signups, I’d strongly recommend to watch the compensation plan video in one of the systems. You’ll be blown away by the income potential of PLS. It’s my main source of income to be honest and the cornerstone of the business – it is the jewel in the crown. Everything else can switch in or switch out, with PLS you keep a steady income. There is a 7 day free trial so you can really check it out.

You need the Power Lead System in order to promote our business which has several elements:

  • Beonpush – Real time Bidding Advertising – Get started for $20
  • Traffic Monsoon – I recommend you sit on the side lines
  • Automated Wealth Network – IM training – Get started for $7
  • Ride the Wave with FutureNet – FutureNet – Brand new social network that pays you just for participating – is growing like wildfire. Start with just $10

In summary

  • PLS is the technology
  • Leaders League 360 does the selling
  • Beonpush and FutureNet are the products.

Why so many companies? It is important not to have all your eggs in one basket and have the option of multiple streams of income. Once you learn more about Beonpush, Futurenet and AWN you will see the possibilities and work out how you can grow your earnings.

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