The Simple Monsoon and Lightning Approach to Huge Success

This is it. This is how the two companies Traffic Monsoon and Lead Lightning complement each other and build a real business. No complicating stuff – just two solid reliable companies with a quality high demand product that combine to form a power house business. Rob Fraser explains it very neatly here. Note this was back in July 2015, about 6 months after he started and he is excited to be earning and investing $200 a day in Traffic Monsoon and about $300 a week with Power Lead System. Fast forward to late November 2015, and Rob is earning $800 a day with Traffic Monsoon and about $2000 a week with Power Lead System!!

It is all about getting leveraging Traffic Monsoon to fund investment in ads to sell signups to Lead Lightning/Power Lead System. It works. It takes consistency. It is exciting!

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