The Yellow Brick Road Strategy


THE Yellow Brick Road STRATEGY

Yellow Brick Road is a marketing system/sales funnel/strategy created by Mark Crosby and Steve Dourdil to help you achieve the following:
1. Earn income from multiple income streams which we’ve built into the YBR sales funnel.
2. Build a self-replenishing advertising budget to allow you to regularly buy paid traffic (e.g.
solo ads) with no out-of-pocket expense. The amount of traffic you can buy will increase
with time.

As this is strategy relies on using paid advertising, there is no need for any sales skills whatsoever – no need to bug friends or family, or use any free marketing methods unless you want to.

Multiple Income Streams

The YBR strategy is based around creating a need for YBR’s various income streams, as they allow people to use the YBR marketing system (the sales videos, follow-up emails, banners and other resources) and promote it/share it with others. In other words, the elements that need to be in place for people to actually use the YBR system in
the first place also act as the income streams themselves.

The sales funnel is designed to maximize conversions and sales by tying together these elements into an easy-to-follow system which takes only 10 minutes or so per day to follow.
The primary income streams are:
Power Lead System (the engine behind the marketing system)
Traffic Monsoon (profit-sharing traffic exchange to build self-replenishing ad budget)
Udimi (solo ad marketplace for higher quality traffic)
YBR also has two Optional Income Streams which we highly recommend you also use:
– 4 Corners Alliance (financial literacy products with multi-level affiliate program providing long-term income opportunity)
Automated Wealth Network (online marketing training, also with affiliate program)
NOTE: If you are already a member and affiliate of any of these income streams, NO PROBLEM –
just input your existing affiliate link when you set up your YBR sales funnel.

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