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Carin Petty is an awesome leader and a huge inspiration in the Yellow Brick Road team. She recently posted the following in the Facebook group – it really is a lesson in how good this system is. This is what I want to do.

Image and words credit: Carin Petty.


5Hey family!!! Just a little inspiration I would like to share with you AND a suggestion to all of you just starting out in YBR. This is a small example of the power of PLS.

So today is a “brain break” day for me. Haven’t been doing biz or working on stuff as I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Decided to take a nap and when I woke up, someone came through PLS and purchased the Gold Membership, then the Diamond and then Social Profit Academy.

I can tell this is someone serious about the value of the system and making it work.

The reason why I want to show you these screenshots is because you may just be starting out and on the fence about setting yourself up fully inside of PLS. Please don’t make the mistake I did.

I can’t tell you in the beginning when they launched these products how I hummed and hawed about getting them. I was nervous about parting with that money. I can’t tell you how much money I Lost because I didn’t get them.

After I saw a few thousand dollars total passup past my sponsor who was not aligned so those commissions ended up passing to his sponsor, I finally got on board. and I’m glad I did! I was paid back that money 100 fold hahha.

If you have the resources to do it but are worried about it… I would be more worried about promoting a system like YBR and “NOT” being aligned. This system will convert for you as you can see and when you start receiving notices about all the bonus commissions you lost, it will make your stomach sink.

Especially those of you using email marketing!

This is your business. This is your future…. this is your Bread and Butter and this is your FREEDOM! You won’t gain that freedom by holding back. If you invest in your business, you are really invested in yourself so don’t let those commissions passup to your sponsor. I’m sure they don’t mind but you will.

Remember too, both Diamond and Social Profit Academy are 1 time purchases only that will pay you back over and over and over again AND if you can’t afford the full price at this time, PLS offers you a split pay option.

That means you can pay Half now and the other a month later. This option does charge a little more but many use it because even if they are on split pay and the 2nd half has not been paid fully yet and someone comes through your link and purchases these products you WILL STILL GET the FULL COMMISSION from those purchases without it passing up to the next person in line who has them.

So please, YBR converts like crazy and what the Guys are about to do for you next is really going to make YBR stand out from the crowd more. Invest in yourself and your business! I want to see success for EVERYONE!

Don’t believe me, ask Mark Crosby himself and Jennifer Nash for examples of how much passed up before they purchased it in the beginning lol heart emoticonheart emoticonheart emoticonheart emoticon Stay Blessed Everyone and welcome!

First pic commissions from Feb 4-6 and 2nd is for this week so far and the new week doesn’t start till tomorrow.



These are weekly commissions – not monthly!!

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