What Does Residual Income Look Like

Monthly Residuals Of $25, $50,$75, $100, $150, $175 or more…

Monthly Residual Incomes…

That’s the key to growing wealth.

How do you think that company’s like Time Warner,
Verizon, AT&T and all the other company’s that make
a fortune do it?

They bill you every month. That’s Residual income.
You build it once and keep adding to it.

That’s why we have set up the National Wealth Center
that capitalizes on making Residual Incomes available
for the masses at the affordable rate of only $25!

Imagine getting 20 members this month. That’s $500!

Then find 20 people with only $25 the second month.

That’s $500 right? WRONG – that’s $1,000 this month.

Don’t forget about the first month you brought in the first 20.

Then build some more and get 20 more your third month.
That’s $500 right?

Ah Ha! I can’t trick you. Now you are getting it. It’s $1,500

That’s how powerful our $25 Online Business could be for you –


I think you get the point.

You could be talking an easy 5 figure monthly recurring
income in no time.

What if you sponsored more than 4 people at $25?

Add To That 4 High Ticket One-Time Products of $250,
$1,000, $3,500 and $7,500

Many people have already brought in dozens, even
hundreds of people. WOW!
Stop Wasting Time! => http://onthesameteam.com/residualhomebiz

Let’s Start Working Together Soon!

To your success!

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skype: onthesameteam@gmail.com
Email: onthesameteam@gmail.com

P.S To watch the presentation again CLICK HERE

(I am in Australia – I find FB Messenger or Skype works best for a chat – if you see the green light on Messenger – drop a line and say G’day!)
My phone is +614 6632 2822  (but check your time zones  I might be asleep)

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