What is the 500 Dollar Machine?

500 dollar machineThe 500 Dollar Machine is the most exciting business-in-a-box available on the market today. It is a standalone business offering a product that is sought and used by millions of home based business people, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and internet marketers. Powered by the Power Lead System the product meets the needs of these small business owners helping them attract customers and follow up with potential customers with cutting edge technology and advanced techniques.

The 500 Dollar Machine is based on Franco GonzalesSimple Freedom $500 a day method of promoting Power Lead System. Franco has devised a simple approach to developing a super successful online business. The training offered is amazing and all you need to do is implement his simple strategies.

The game plan is simple to do, and simple to teach.

  1. Get in
  2. Get All in
  3. Get traffic
  4. Get to the weekly training.

If you follow this top-level guide and implement the practical strategies, 500 days will become a weekly occurrence.

Power Lead System is the perfect product. It costs just $54 a month. The value you get from that monthly fee keeps growing and growing – particularly with the addition of the Power Blog in recent ,months. And the compensation plan is is staggering once you get your head around it. Jeff Mills explains it really well in the comp plan video.

Companies come and companies go. And I have been involved in a few. But Power Lead System continues on, as the backbone to many marketing strategies for many participants in the home based business niche. PLS is here to stay – it is part of a 19 year old company.

When all the others stop producing, PLS keeps going and going.



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