What is the Yellow Brick Road System?

Yellow Brick road System - image credit jruckmjdmng-gian-reto-tarnutzerWhat is the Yellow Brick Road System? Good question. I have a good answer for you. I want to give you some good information about both the business + marketing system in Yellow Brick Road.

Simply put is is three businesses – three income streams and one marketing system. You have an advertising (and multi-media) company called FutureAdPro and you have a technology platform called Power Lead System. And you combine these two and you will generate an amazing income. The third element is Exitus Elite which is a training program that pays 100% commissions at $100 and $1000 levels. All of these are promoted through the Yellow Brick Road system which is provided at no cost through a sharecode for you to plug in to your Power Lead System. It is circular for sure – but if it generates a couple of thousand dollars a month – I dont care if it goes in circles!!

If you’re still a little unsure what Future Ad Pro actually is – it’s an advertising company.

It means you can advertise your links to the other members which generate leads for you.

But that’s only the beginning…

Future Ad Pro also give their users the chance to share the company revenue. So the more advertising you buy – the bigger portion you’ll have of the companies “rev share”.

What we’re doing over at YBR is leveraging the rev share and using it to send better quality traffic to our sales funnel.

That way we’re not really selling anything – we can leave the awesome presentations in the system to do all that for us.

Obviously it’s explained better when you watch the videos.

But we’re just sending traffic to our system – which then generates sales + signups in both Future Ad Pro + Power Lead System.

Staying consistent in following these simple steps over and over again will grow your team (and lncome) exponentially.

The setup videos will make you feel like you’re in the right place.

Every single video relates to the next one closely so you can be reassured you’re on the right tracks every step of the way.

Honestly Subscriber, how can you not be impressed with the effort that’s gone in to making this whole thing so easy to follow? It’s accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection

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