Exitus Elite is running hot at the moment now that they have released the new Exitus Advanced level for 100USD. And the quarterly membership. Anyone can get started for $199 – and there is a huge incentive to upgrade to the 1K mark quickly – because many of your $100 customers will upgrade – and you will pass up the 1K sales if you are not an Exitus Elite member!

Two products only. No monthly! Entry product is $100.

  • 100% Commissions – You simply can’t top 100%. All we pay is a measly $299/year admin fee to the company and we earn all we want from our product sales.
  • Only passup one sale to your sponsor. 1st goes to your sponsor (you’re qualified). 2nd to infinity are all yours. And remember, this is 100% income. So instant $1,000 payments to you.
  • Unlike other companies, you break even with just two sales. Some companies you have to have 15 or more members before you make your money back.
  • With the first sale going to your sponsor it gives them good reason to help you get your first sale because it goes to them. So they’ll work with you closely to help you get your business going and get into profit.

It is a unique payment plan for sure – just one passup – and that means that your sponsor is dead keen on helping you get the qualifying sale.

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