Yellow Brick Road 50 Dollar a Week Strategy

There is no doubt that this Yellow Brick Road strategy is a smart one. A series of interlinked and interdependent internet marketing products brought together into a single stream or funnel; the sum of the parts much greater than the individual components. Mark Crosby and Steve Dourdil have done an amazing job pulling this together.4

We have a very reliable and solid long term business based on PLS-Udimi-AWeber-FourCorners and AWN – they all interlink, and work together to make multiple streams of income that will all build over time – some greater than others.

If you are serious about building a business, including an online business, you must be prepared to invest in it. Sure, you can look use free methods of traffic generation, but to get things really rolling, buying targeted traffic is the smartest way to get started.

Fifty dollars a week is a reasonable budget to work with. Let’s call it $200 per month. If you don’t have $50 to invest in a home business, then you can stay on the bright shiny object roller coaster, running from this WSO to that JVZoo offer, looking for that amazing new system for $7 or $17.

Find something solid – TICK.  Find something with longevity – TICK. Find something that is mostly done for you – TICK. Follow the Yellow Brick Road. (I promise not to use that phrase again in this post!)

Ok, $200 per month. Sign up with Traffic Monsoon. Free. Sign up with Udimi. Free. If you dont have AWeber – free first first month. You will need $18 to grab your spot in Four Corners, and $7 to get started with Automated Wealth Network. Power Lead System – the central recurring income component of the system – cost $53 per month. Sign up – the Share Code is the access to the pre-written web pages, messages, videos, etc.

For the purposes of this illustration I have excluded Traffic Monsoon costs. I am not a fan of TM, but it is an essential component of our system, and basically what you put in to TM you will get back. You will be reinvesting in adpacks and using the referral commissions to buy more adpacks. I support the YBR approach of working up to 50 adpacks and you will be self funding for targeted paid traffic solo ads. The choice you have is $50 on an adpack which will earn 10% 7 times in a year ($35) or $50 on a 100 click Solo Ad which may get you one Gold PLS member for 12 months and beyond, plus matching income and pass ups.

You can get 100 solo ad clicks for  $42 – $65 from Udimi. Lets assume for every 100 clicks you get one PLS Gold signup – for simplicity each signup is worth $20 each month.

Month One.

Expense: PLS $53, 4C-$18, AWN-$7, Udimi $122 for 2 PLS sign ups. (-$200)

Revenue: $0

Month Two

Expense: PLS $53, AWeber – $19, Udimi $128 for 2 PLS sign ups. (-$200)

Revenue: PLS – $40 + 2 x $7.50 Aweber + $10 from Udimi + 2 x $4 4corners, + 2 x $5 AWN. (+$83)

Month Three

Expense: PLS $53, AWeber – $19, Udimi $128 for 2 PLS sign ups. (-$200)

Revenue: PLS – $80 + 4 x $7.50 Aweber + $20 from Udimi + 2 x $4 4corners, + 2 x $5 AWN (+$148)

Month Four

Expense: PLS $53, AWeber – $19, Udimi $128 for 2 PLS sign ups. (-$200)

Revenue: PLS – $120 + 6 x $7.50 Aweber + $40 from Udimi + 2 x $4  4corners, + 2 x $5 AWN (+$223) CASHFLOW POSITIVE!!

Month Four

Expense: PLS $53, AWeber – $19, Udimi $150 for 3 PLS sign ups. (-$222)

Revenue: PLS – $180 + 8 x $7.50 Aweber + $50 from Udimi. 3 x $4 4corners, + 3 x $5 AWN(+$317)

Month Five

Expense: PLS $53, AWeber – $19, Udimi $200 for 4 PLS sign ups. (-$272)

Revenue: PLS – $260 + 10 x $7.50 Aweber + $70 from Udimi + 4 x $4 4corners, + 4 x $5 AWN. (+$441)

Month Six

Expense: PLS $53, AWeber – $19, Udimi $300 for 6 PLS sign ups. (-$272)

Revenue: PLS – $380 + 12 x $7.50 Aweber + $80 from Udimi +6 x $4 4corners, + 6 x $5 AWN. (+$604)

You Get the Picture

This is very conservative – does not allow for the matching bonus or the pass ups which explode your income in PLS, or the extra products available. It does not allow for the extra products in AWN or 4 Corners. And it doesn’t allow for Traffic Monsoon income that will continue to grow. You may of course get more than one sign up per 100 paid clicks.

But it does show what consistent application – buying traffic every month – will lead to – a virtuous circle of business growth. I am so excited!

It also shows that if you are a reluctant TM investor, you may be better placed by investing your lots of $50 into solo ad traffic, and generating real sales for PLS with the many downstream benefits that come with that.

Time for You to Get Started!

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