Yellow Brick Road Blueprint of Awesomeness

 Step 1 Yellow Brick Road: Get Traffic Monsoon Cranking

Your first goal is to build up to 50+ ad packs in Traffic Monsoon because, at that point, you will THEN be able to start withdrawing a small part of your profits on a weekly basis (~$50-60/week)to buy quality advertising OUTSIDE of Traffic Monsoon using the recommended solo ad brokers inside the Yellow Brick Road sales funnel, while continuing to recycle the remaining profit into buying more ad packs.

Start with as many ad packs as you can, then repurchase as often as possible using your revenue share profits (don’t forget to click on 10 ads per day inside the TM traffic exchange to qualify you for the profit share earnings!) and  topping up whenever possible with other funds.

Use your Traffic Monsoon credits to promote your Yellow Brick Road link – banners are available for you to use in the Files section of the Facebook group and in the Resources area in Section 6 of your YBR setup page.

Step 2 Yellow Brick Road: Self Funded Buyer Traffic Through Solo Ads

Once you have around 50-60 packs in Traffic Monsoon, start withdrawing $50-60 every week to buy solo ads from the traffic sources in the YBR funnel – alternate each week between Clicks With A Kick, Traffic For Me and different vendors on Udimi. Direct the clicks from these solo ads to your Yellow Brick Road link.
If you get a bad run occasionally, don’t sweat it! Remember, you paid for these clicks out of Traffic Monsoon profits and will be able to buy more next week… However, a good solo ad will give you plenty of opt-ins and if you’re consistently buying clicks you WILL get signups. Let the autoresponder do its work. Ideally you should get an AWeber account and integrate it into PLS because the emails from the default PLS autoresponder are currently delayed by 10-24 hours (if you don’t already have an AWeber account, go to to set up a free trial).

People looking for ways to make money from home have a tendency to click on not one, not two, not even three emails per day but MANY emails per day until they find something they are looking for – getting that first email from you makes them feel a little special and a little more confident this really works and guess what happens?
They come back to your site and look at it again!
Psychologically this second exposure does wonders for the conversion rate in getting them to sign up. The same applies to all future emails they get from you (well, your autoresponder). So it’s important to have one that works. AWeber flat out works. Get it and stop making excuses if your opt-ins aren’t converting! They can’t convert if they don’t get your emails – this is a fact!

Step 3: Scale Up, Expand the Streams of Income….Scale Up

Your next goal is to build up to 100+ packs – aside from the $60/week you’re withdrawing to buy clicks, carry on repurchasing packs in Traffic Monsoon. By now you will already be starting to earn commissions from the different income streams in the Yellow Brick Road funnel, and will have sponsored people into Traffic Monsoon as part of that process, so reaching 100 packs (and beyond) will become quicker the bigger your team gets.

Step 4: Scale Up Some More

Once you’ve reached 100 active packs in Traffic Monsoon, start increasing the number of clicks you’re buying from the various solo ad vendors – again, make sure to alternate between traffic sources – buy one week from one, the next week from another etc.

Step 5: Grow Your Business Be Sensible and Strategic

As your number of ad packs and the size of your team grow in Traffic Monsoon, the more revenue it will be generating for you. While continuing to repurchase and grow your number of active packs, KEEP INCREASING THE AMOUNT YOU WITHDRAW TO SPEND ON CLICKS. As a rule of thumb, the amount you’re withdrawing each week to spend on solo ads should be roughly equal to the number of active ad packs you have. For example:

  • when you have 50 active ad packs, withdraw $50/week to buy solo ads
  • when you have 100 active ad packs, withdraw $100/week to buy solo ads
  • when you have 200 active ad packs, withdraw $200/week to buy solo ads
  • when you have 1000 active ad packs, withdraw $1000/week to buy solo ads

This in turn will draw even more people into your funnel and into your business…at this point you are scaling up and your business will start to grow exponentially.

Treat it as a business – until you’ve reached the point where you no longer feel you want/need to grow your traffic anymore, do NOT fall into the trap of spending your Traffic Monsoon earnings on anything else except more ad packs and higher quality traffic.
If you reach a point where you don’t feel you need to grow your ad packs any further, make sure you at least keep topping them up every day to keep them at a stable level. Anything else that’s left over every day, you can use to either buy advertising to send traffic to other businesses you’re involved in (at this point you can use solo ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads or any other kind of advertising you like!)…or just put it into your bank account!
If you follow this strategy as we’ve laid it out, and STICK to it, you will end up with a self-sustaining advertising budget that grows by itself, that you can then use to promote ANY online business you want, as well as continuing to earn from the income streams inside of the Yellow Brick Road funnel.
Or you can just continue to promote YBR, the choice is yours…the one and only thing this plan requires from you is consistency – YOU NEED TO BE BUYING TRAFFIC WEEK IN, WEEK OUT….do that and stick to it…AND YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!
Great to have you here – now go out and TAKE ACTION!
Steve & Mark

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