Yellow Brick Road is the Best Done for You Marketing System

I love Viral Team Builder. And appreciate Ed and his team for a great system. But Yellow Brick Road has stolen my heart. It has a few things that build on Viral Team Builder and make it even better.

It is quite similar to Viral Team Builder and Rob Fraser’s approach (and Frank Calabro and Ari Maccibi), but it has a few features that I really love.

No Dodgy Revshares

A lot of the similar marketing systems put too much emphasis on the flimsy business model that is RevShare. I am just not interested in low quality companies with half lives of 6 months. I work hard for my money, I dont want to go and hand it over to misguided admins at best and scoundrels at worse into a faulty business model. Revshares are powered by greed – preying on the latest to join the fast money, get-rich quick crowd. Not interested.

But Traffic Monsoon is a Revshare I hear you say. Yes, well TM is now in a league of its own, as a traffic exchange and advertising platform. It has a better business model. It has a longer track record. It is not crazy in its sharing model – 110% – not 160% or 220% that some of the other stupid ones have. It has uncoupled itself from Paypal, and is (at the time of writing) setting up its own bank or payment processor. It has stood the test of time in terms of robustness, and is reinventing itself, with the help of some significant international financing. It is a top 1000 internet site!! I am sticking with Traffic Monsoon, as a means to an end – to build a viable profitable Power Lead System business, Four Corners and AWN.

Essentially 2 programs.

Traffic Monsoon into Power Lead System. It is simple, and doesnt require you to spread your interest across numerous companies. It is just Yellow Brick Road into Traffic Monsoon into Power Lead System. As things progress you will also participate in Four Corners, and AWN. Udimi is a great place to buy solo ads – but it is not going to be a significant income stream. Two first, then a few more down the track as income comes on stream. Simple, brilliant….and Yellow Brick Road does all the selling!

Higher quality sales funnel.

It is just a good sales system. And it is not bovver-boy, angry or shaming. Its British!

Not Free Up front

I support the no-cost marketing systems – but it does tend to attract the tyre kickers – ones that are not really serious. Lets go straight to the PLS marketing system – it only costs $14 a week – and for FREE, someone else has set up the sales funnel, the capture pages, the videos etc.

So that’s it folks I started this journey in December 2015 with the Viral Team Builder – a brilliant, free marking system run by fabulous people. The Yellow Brick Road approach is more comfortable to me, so that is the one that I will be recommending from here on in.

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